Friday Football Thread (ft. Everton - Palace and the worst pun ever)




aggpass! Think I’m going Villa v Fulham in October

just so you know


Peter Beagrie


Just got tickets to my first Villa game since this 2009 classic encounter! ( albeit in the home end for the Brighton game in November.

Armchair fan.

I hear they’re calling it the clash of the playoff hopefuls. Might leave after 88 minute though.


Captain. Leader. Knee.



personal favourite though.

Heskey’s goal at the end.


Good goal that.



jody morris trombone

no video evidence to back this up I’m afraid


Who was the Italian striker who took his top off, laid it on the floor and started dry humping it (missionary) as a celebration?



Probably all of them, perverts.


Probably one of these


nah, proper tryhards


man, fucking Fowler was some player, huh. easily England’s most naturally gifted finisher of the last 30 years.

two yarders, blooters, placed finishes - this kid had it all

wonder what happened to him


Not really, although I’m not played for years, just a shake of the hand.


Got a feeling City might get wacked on Sunday. Spurts are a lot better than Celtic.


Should be a really good game, united bants aside it’ll be the first time you’ve faced a team that can press and have some speed and dynamism going forward


They’re always utter tosh after a european trip mind