Friday Football Thread

Suppose we should talk about some football shouldn’t we.

Load of shite isn’t it for the most part, you look forward to a match in the hope of enjoying yourself and you end up having to watch Marcos Rojo.

Would be interested to hear from Southampton fans about their start to the season. (Kostenursky?) My feeling is that they’re traditionally slow starters; good result last night though.

Latest world rankings are out. Haven’t looked.

understandably slow starters given they keep having to rebuild without their best players

They were the same in the 90s, when I used to watch them regularly. Hopeless in the autumn, top 6 form in the spring.

Was Rojo ever any good at :soccer:?
Like there must have been some reason we forked out :dollar::dollar: for him?

Don’t know how I feel about Friday night games being a more regular thing.

In weekends like this, where Chelsea Liverpool is on paper the best looking game of the bunch I’d rather it wasn’t the first one over with.

Seemed ok as the left-sided member of a back-three but fuck playing three at the back in the year 2016. He’s fucking shite, genuinely my least favourite Utd player of my lifetime.

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annoyed they’ve moved the bloody goalposts when I bet Italy go and overtake in the coefficients this season

would’ve been fun watching the megareptiles fight over 3 european spots

We look absolutely uselss going forward having subbed out Shaw and Tony V for Rojo and Darmian. Possibly because we have our best luck bypassing the centre of the pitch, where Pogba is running around like a headless chicken without a midfield partner controlling the game. Is Carrick, Pogba and Fellaini our best midfield at the moment? Line ups appreciated.

Still think that three will be our best going forward, with proper full-backs and Zlatan from the start (Rash and Mkh to play off him)

Ajax beat Panathinaikos (with former Peterborough, Man Utd, Coventry, West Brom and Barnsley goalie Luke Steele between the posts) in Greece after a poor start, in an incident-laden match that included 3 red cards, including one for a headbutt.

Ajax’ goals scored by Chelsea’s Bernard Traore and home-grown talent Jairo Riedewald.

Real sod that the Chelsea game is on at 20.00 tonight. Means that I’ll have to work late on a Friday before toddling off to the ground.

BetSilentcommand Top Tip: One or more red cards.

It was a mistake dropping AM9/11 for the deby after a decent international break. He should be starting over Rashford at the moment. They’re at different stages in their development and Rashford won’t be happy from the bench, but he’ll work like crazy to change things. Martial will Memphis on the bench.

Fuckin’ Memphis, Jesus Christ.

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What are your thoughts on Mkh so far? When I’ve seen him play (mostly on highlights), he’s looked really good, but Mata seems to be keeping him out. But apparently he was dirt against City at the weekend, so idk.

Basically, he’s in my work FF team, and I reaaally don’t want him to get sidelined by Mourinho for no reason.

Was rubbish against City (although no more or less than the rest of them and the criticism for him not pressing Kolarov for the goal is galling because he was obviously not pressing under instruction)

Been brilliant off the bench and should be starting soon. Still think Mourinho is giving Rooney/Fellaini/Mata/Blind a chance early on so he avoids criticism when they’re dropped and Mkhytarian will be a regular going forward hopefully.

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Agree with most of this, but he clearly loves Fellaini and isn’t just giving him a shot.

This is interesting, you reckon Mou explicitly told his forwards to hold off the defenders/keeper? What’d be the thinking behind that?

Can only imagine that it was under instruction for the first half yeah, there was such a palpable change of approach at half time (which makes the subs/initial selection odd as Lingard/Mkh would be ideal to press high you’d think).

No idea why it would be the case beyond him having success just camping men behind the ball against Guardiola in the past (the Inter one mainly) and still sees the high-press as risky in some way. As far as I’m concerned we should have been pressing the shit out of them early on to test Bravo and Stones in particular. Think Liverpool and Spurs will get some joy out of City as they’ve got the organisation and energy (and experience now) of pressing like bastards.