Friday football thread


Mourinho wants to “break wenger’s face”. Nice fella

Dortmund - Freiburg and Preston - Wigan tonight

Man U - Leicester, Arsenal - Chelsea, Villa - Newcastle the pick of the weekend’s fixtures




Not played Preston in 11 years, the week before we went up to the Prem. We’re in awful form though, and they’ll be buoyed by that midweek win over Wigsoff. Obviously we’re going to smash 'em 0-4, Will Grigg :fire: hat-trick.

Last time I saw the pair of us play in the flesh was back in 2000, when Preston marched to the Div 2 title after beating us 1-0 at our gaff with celebrity whistle-peeper Uriah Rennie doing his best to be a complete clueless c*nt, and we eventually tumbled down to 4th before being cheated in the playoff final.


Edit: get the feeling they might have beaten us in the league cup at some point in between


Would we all like to see the Wolves programme for the Brentford game?

Of course you would!

Don’t think I fancy our chances based on that though


Wait, is that story all based on a spoof website? Why is it being reported as news? I’m very confused.


Is there a collection of these somewhere?


They’ve been posting them all on the Facebook page as they go along like. I’m really hoping they’ll do some sort of book or whatever with all the covers in at the end of the season though.


Are there any teams they’re due to play which don’t have convenient anthropomorphic mascots/nicknames? I hope they’d get round it by showing the wolf just mauling that team’s captain/manager.


They’ve already had the brewers and the tractor boys. Looking forward to the game against the cottagers


We’ve got Leeds next month, not a clue what that’s going to be.

Wolf pissing on a rose bed?


according to google, they also have the peacocks as a nickname.

me neither


Kenny Miller arrested

Rangers are the gift that keep on giving


Guys. Just seen this shared on the ol facey b


wake up sheeple


Anyone else get a bit irk’d by “BPL” or “EPL”?

Just “PL” for me please, Clive.


Yeah shit for cunts. Also UCL EFL and etc. All part of the global expansion plan innit


Latest Spurs contract renewals, complete with TWITTER BANTS! What will they think of next…

Everybody loves #socialmedia #content


Hehe, :+1: for Spurs


I really really wish I could rustle someone as badly as Wenger rustles Jose. He must absolutely piss himself every time one of these quotes comes out


Really wish the poor bugger would just retire tbh.