Friday football thread


Would quite like a little chucke at Joleon Lescott


Sure thing, I’m well past due.


Ajax reach the next phase with great ease following the defeat of Panathinaikos (2 - 0) . Their unbeaten run in all competitions has now been extended to 17. And for those who think you can’t win anything with kids, the average age of the team that finished the game last night was below 21.

Next: fourth placed Heerenveen away on Sunday.


Rooney’s grown a beard and is therefore now my favourite player



you probably don’t want to look at the bottom of yesterday’s thread hoogs, people were slinging mud


Leeds Rotherham on the telly tomorrow :grin:


Wasn’t Friday night football going to be a thing this season? Feels like it’s only happened once or twice, which I’m not complaining about!

Also I know that Gerrard was talked about to death yesterday… but:


Everyone except Ibra looked really good last night.


Turns out Armenian Mick is a very good footballer! Who’d have thought it!


Didn’t expect anything else from you. Two point gap btw, nothing to be worried about.


Feel like Wolves haven’t had a home game for ages.

Got the OWLS tomorrow:


utterly brutal


Just chucked Barnsley vs Forest as nothing much else on, pretty good half of football actually.


Wooooof! Playoffs here we come!