Friday Football


dunno that there’s much to talk about but i wanted to draw your attention to how creepily similar Xhaka looks to Ronaldo


That spice is a mad ting. :raising_hand:


Fucking Arsenal, man. Jesus Christ.


It’s funny. Live a little, Ant Pocalypse Now.


I was taking more of an issue with the shoddy production values…


Still can’t bring myself to watch that. Think I’ve got about 10 seconds in a few times :mask:



stuck 50p on a 3-3 tomorrow

also 3-0 Rangers. Rodgers is bound to absolutely wet himself




Just did a Saturday Prem acca. Where’s KiK?


how many fucking times…


That really is Fortunate.

One letter away from disaster there.


Lucky arsehole






Don’t think I’ve read enough meaningless articles about the Manchester derby tbh.


never seen so many articles on exactly the same topic. don’t think a single one of them says anything new that’s not been said in sid lowe/graham hunter’s books - so when they appeared in that premier league BBC thing i was pleasantly surprised. was actually pretty good.

enjoyed barney ronay’s take on it too just for the wordyness but everything else seems pretty redundant

Think when there’s this kind if ubiquitous megahype and narratives away from actual football it’s cooler to be over this kind of thing, but I’m massively excited for it. So rare that you games that feel so big in september

Probs be cagey and dull in the end but could be a bit of a classic if there’s any early goal. So many exciting players on the pitch


Mike Phelan manager* of the month!

*He’s not the manager, no one knows how much longer he’ll be staying, according to him he’s “some way off” in agreeing a contract with the current owners, the potential new owners move to buy Hull collapsed yesterday.


“I’ll have a drink with him after the game - if he invites me”

It’s like the first romance at secondary school getting total media saturation ffs


I’ll take. 3-0 tomorrow, preferably for rangers