Friday Football


Very much this. Although I think it could end up the reverse sadly


Are you an old poster with new name? Or someone fresh?


I’m hoping they both lose tbh


Ha :slight_smile:


I had an old account (different name) didn’t post much though.


What was your name in the bygone era?!


Close to some ref sub action in the Schalke vs Bayern game. The ref appeared to have done his hammy and the 4th official was warming up. But know the ref went back on the pitch after receiving treatment.

(Yes that is the most interesting thing thats happend in this game)


Going to be mostly out of phone range next week as I mentioned, so unfortunately I will not be able to conduct and mediate the weekend football thread. I know this will come as a major blow for some of you, however I’ve drafted in a worthy replacement who will be setting out his stall at about roughly 7:00 tomorrow. Tune in then, hope you all enjoy some hot #narrative action wherever you are, and stay rude! :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :toilet:


Bentekes brother is in the squad tomorrow due to Remy being injured. Doubt he’ll play but I didn’t realise he’d be so close to the squad.


I kind of hope we do get to see the Benteke brothers up front tomorrow, though not sure we will (at the same time at least)


He can’t be much worse than other options. I’d like to see it, if just for the amusement factor.

One of our youngsters, Ryan Innis, got sent to prison for 14 weeks today. We only loaned him to Southend last week. He was quite highly rated, but I guess we’ll sack him.


definitely need that early goal fingers crossed