Friday Football


Enner Valencia faked an injury whilst on international duty and escaped in the physio buggy thing whilst being chased by police because he’s trying to avoid child maintenance.

Not had a football thread in a while

now seems like a good time to talk about josh morris. why’s he scored so many this season? top scorer in europe, more goals than the rest of his career combined. bizarre turn of events




Holland team tonight (probably):

Karsdorp-Bruma-Van Dijk-Blind

Got 0-0 written all over it. Live on Sky Sports Red Button.


Netherlands must be really desperate if they’ve recalled Depay


Someone has to warm the bench.


hey Ant, at least we opened and were both ignored for the same link


It’s a very good point mate


Shame this has overshadowed the real biggest football story of the day: the Antonio Luna sex tape.


I was amazed he played 17 times for us. Could’ve sworn it was like 5


Nations that have a football team and you’re not sure how #114: Syria.


They weren’t kidding about ‘graphic picture’. Fucking hell.


on a similar note, highly recommend this about football in iraq


James Montague’s ‘Thirty-One Nil’ is an excellent book as well. The chapters about Palestine and Haiti are particularly good.


Janssen is a bit #soldado isn’t he


Soldado was 28 or so when he joined Spurs. Janssen is only 22. And the league is only 7 matches old. Give him a chance.


2 - 0 up at halftime. Both goals by Promes. Miracles do happen.




always rated him


4 - 1 now, with goals from Klaasen and Janssen (!) added. 15 mins left.