Friday Friday Friday


Morning, horrible out but it’s QUIZ DAY




Got through my horrible work thing that needs to be filed today, so that’s good. Will proof read it to make sure it’s not utter gibberish then file it this morning, which will be a huge relief.

Then I’m going to do nothing for the rest of the day because I’ve earned it.




Morning Bam. Any pressing engagements today?


Morning all.

Bit grim out isn’t it?

Work meal at Red’s true bbq at 5 this evening. Normally I’d probably have swerved it but it’s on my way home and means I don’t have to think about sorting out food. There’s talk of drinks after but it’ll inevitably be Rev de Cuba or Albert’s Schloss so will definitely sack that off.

Oh and I ordered my Dismas Secret Santa stuff last night so fingers crossed the various delivery services are more reliable than Ikea and Open reach


Morning roastie and the rest. Just been to the gym - which was a good start to the day - and followed it with a dirty bacon bap, which probably undid all the good work but was deeeeelicious.


I knew I should have worked from home today!


Morning all. Woken up at 6 by the cat howling at nothing. Back to work today after a brilliant ‘weekend’ so that’s rubbish. Got a few deliveries etc to keep me busy though and might have a few ciders later so it’s not so bad. Fucking rain city out there today though.


I walk past there at 5pm. Hi in advance (of me choosing a different route so I don’t have any chance of being socially awkward)


Both bosses in today so I thought I better not WFH even though I actually get way more done that way, so I’m now on the bus and its all damp and gross and I don’t have any lunch with me so I’m going to be grumpy all day. And I left my makeup and handbag at home.

Hoping if I get in early they let me leave 15 mins earlier then I can get a bus right away instead of waiting 30 mins in the rain.

Happy Friday




Awkward work meat not awkward DiS meat.


Another vote for Fuckoff Cold Rainwater

Happy Friday!


Imagine both at once. That’s happened to me on the old boards. Virkram(!) and Tristan spotted me out with work mates. Joined us uninvited and referred to me in front of them as Scout all evening.


It doesn’t seem to be raining here yet…but I’m going to get the train in just in case. (As I’ll be a bit late if I don’t.

Supposed to be going for a few drinks with work pals but not sure I can BA.



Though I suppose Scout could be a nickname and you could style it out, DilliingersWheelman not so much


hmmmm, nope don’t think so.

How about you?


Nope, no trips to Corby for me, nor have there ever been.


oh I get it now!

I was in Corbs on Wednesday this week.