Friday Friday Friday


Yeah guess so, got a pizza ordered. Will play some video games and save myself for fenino instead.


Asking for a friend… Where do people, like, err, torrent movies and that from these days? I WON’T DOWNLOAD A CAR.



Didn’t realise you were filming us Penge Bike Wankers warming up before the ride last month!


Hello :smile:
My friend has just left after coming over to get ready before a tinder date. Fed her booze, painted her toenails, popped some protection in her bag and gave her a pep talk. Might get into bed now


I’m doing a penoid tournament from the comfort of my own bedroom.

What a time to be alive.


Evening. Killer week of mega long days and no lunch break DONE

Made the stupid decision to not order g and t with ocado this week though, might have to crack the Xmas wine.
Be asleep by half nine I reckon…


good wingmanning


i’m going to a xmas party tomorrow night and made the mistake of buying a nice bottle of wine earlier. it’s sitting there tempting me. not sure it’s going to see that party.


Thanks! All part of the service. Really hope she gets some action, I’ve proper put my back out so hope her date does too


Same number of times I’ve played it


Might have already mentioned this somewhere but I really cba with this thing tonight.

Dunno what to have for dinner either.

  • Fish, potato smileys and frozen veg
  • Pasta and sauce (had for lunch)
  • Frozen pizza (had yesterday)

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Also where is @profk?




I think I put too much saffron in my buns.


I love it though.


What a night

(It’s actually 4 in a row bout they wouldn’t all fit in one screenshot)


Ergh what a stupid night out

Got to the bar and my pal wasn’t there so I sat at the bar for ages on my own before he showed up and then said his pals (who I don’t know) had been sat at a table so I looked really dumb.

Then was totally awkward and felt like I had nothing to say as they all knew each other.

Decided to sack off the concert as they weren’t leaving the bar until midnight and I wanted to be in bed by 12, even though I paid for a stupid ticket.

Then couldn’t find the tram stop so treated myself to an Uber home.

I’m just so awkward around groups of strangers! One on one I am fine, even groups of three, but more than that and it becomes overwhelming.

Anyway, looking forward to my bed and hockey tomorrow.