Friday Friday Friday


Ok let’s try this again

Was it a pressing engagement?


nah I was just visiting a friend. Was a nice chill day really


think for the first time in my life I’m getting a bit bored of having a banana for breakfast.

Wonder if I can be bothered to push the boat out to toast tomorrow


Why not peanut butter on toast with sliced banana on it?


Not this again


sounds like a lot of flavour for the morning!


I’ll stick to marmite I think. You know where you are with marmite


That is a valid option. I wouldn’t have it but only because I take no pleasure from bananas.


No me neither. Just the smell knocks me :nauseated_face:


Cheese and marmite? Now there’s a great combo.




Haircut, interview, hockey, quiz


That’s properly made me feel quite nauseous. Blur this sick filth in future please!



JFC that was one for the teenagers. I’m old.



Windy, rainy and I have (for reasons I don’t want to get into really tbh) a bad day ahead. Also medication keeps making me want to throw up in the mornings which is fun.

Have better days than me please folk x


soz :frowning:


good luck and hope things pan out better than you expect today :crossed_fingers:


god this posh idiot on my podcast advert again?!


I keep missing commas in your posts. Yesterday I read it that you were prepping to interview for Masterchef and today I thought you were going to a hockey quiz.

Good luck for the interview!


Good old Will proof