Friday Friday Friday


Feeling a bit less thoroughly awful today. Dinner with my sister, her newish boyfriend, and one of my brothers this evening which should be fun assuming I feel more like a functional human by then.


Have to get the train in today. That was a very wet mile and a half walk to the station. Nothing else to report.




Thanks @keith, I was hoping for at least one other person to get this outdated and irrelevant reference!


I’ve had a cold for about three weeks and it won’t go away. Not entirely convinced it isn’t the same cold I had in October that nearly went away but didn’t.

Teaching a class this afternoon which I’m not happy about but they are traditionally a lovely student group so that might be OK.


It’s early - wait until the day shift log in properly. Any likes you get at this time are from the nerds who get to their desks at stupid o’clock.


just found out I got a Christmas bonus (that I had no idea about - didn’t even know that was a thing wtf). basically gone from being really stressed about getting presents and how I’m gonna afford the Christmas period to knowing I can enjoy it all without worrying about money.

really really starting to think Santa is real


My eyes hurt. Pulled a muscle in my back fighting with the dog last night. Mild hangover. Life is pain.



I mean, obviously he is, and obviously we know he posts on here and is a bike wanker


There you go Marty. Tbf I did do a little titter at the joke and your commitment to it which is unheard of for this early in the morn :slight_smile:


Morning all! Notoriously quiet in the office are Fridays so hoping tradition holds up. Bloody forgot to enter the quiz didn’t I :expressionless: Just going to have to hope that awful man @AphexTwinkletoes comes rock bottom.

I… I think I might have to go to Ikea tomorrow :unamused: The upside of that is that we’ll be buying a tree and I get to wander around the national trust garden centre like a proper middle aged man.



Think I’ve been outside the bottom 10 about twice in my career


I remember mouthing off at laelfs loads one week, calling her and roasty team ballbag and all that jazz and it turned out I’d bloody won it! Was a lovely feeling, should’ve retired from the game then.


morning all

wfh from home today for the first time in aaaaaages. glad as from the looks of it it’s shite outside, although my work phone has been going off a bit already which means something’s going on…

should probably get dressed but cba


Would 100% sign these to the label


I had to Google it. It rang a late-Britpop bell


also a reminder, for anyone stressed about buying presents, or paying for other expenses over the festive period, there is a fund available (for people who have been posting on here for little while) and it’s there for you to use if you need it


If I ever start thrashing about on Ableton I’ll call myself this.


Off work today. Going through to Glasgow to get the keys to my new place. Then back for work Christmas party tonight.


It’s this absolute banger