Friday Friday Friday


No ur the ballbag


:kissing_heart: halcyon days.


Can’t believe some people on these boards couldn’t wait for summer to end. FOR THIS MISERY!


:smiley: I’m such an idiot I thought you meant the Corby trouser press puns!!
Absolutely love that song though, had a little dance around listening to it. WE’RE GOIIIIN OUT
Gonna be my new getting ready song


Oh but falling leaves and roaring fires and spiced lattes :upside_down_face:


I’m loving it. Seat warmer on in the car, The Donnas on full blast, cruising past all the bike wankers getting blown all over the place and soaked through. Perfect.



Got fucking soaked on the way to work. Saw a courier with a plastic bag over his beard, what the fuck?

TONIGHT: Penge CC Christmas PARTY :partying_face::christmas_tree:

TOMORROW: I have a pal visiting, not sure when she’s arriving

SUNDAY: :bike:, hanging out with said pal, Blythe Hill Tavern ZINE FAIR (all SE Londoners plz come to this, it’s brillo), and then PUB QUIZ in the evening, maybe?





Hello you bunch of loveable reprobates.

Working from home again today, which means inevitably working from bed until at least 11. Got the windows open to let in a breeze and the weather is filthy. Reckon the trip to Basingstoke on the morrow could well fall by the wayside.

Tonight I’m off for a drink in Kilburn then tomorrow either Basingstoke where I’m on match report duty, or find some football elsewhere. Mebbes Hemel v Dulwich.

Sunday it’s the kid’s Xmas bash at work, so drive up to MK for a couple of hours - then perhaps Wreck it Ralph 2 in the afternoon.

Probably double figures in the way of beers between tonight and tomorrow.


work colleagues asked if I was coming to the drinks thing after the xmas dinner today. Said “I don’t socialise in the rain”. Which is totally legitimate. Like, traipsing from the hotel to the pub and then to another pub in the rain, fuck that. They didn’t think this was valid

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • u wot mate?

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On the one hand, it’s only a bit of rain mate, get a fucking grip ffs.

On the other hand, any excuse to not socialise with colleagues is fine by me.


@MartyFunkhouser is incredibly committed to his own jokes.


Was that a Younger Younger 28s reference?


Day off today, not a lot planned it looks grim outside.

Although I need to go to the post office to send a couple if raffle prizes and then perhaps go and get some extra Christmas decorations.

Tonight I’m going to see A Christmas Carol at the local theatre.

Tomorrow probably a non league football match, not sure where yet.


I lost my headphones and o my god some of the noises being made on this train. People dredging up mucous and eating it.


Morning all!

Miserable day, happy Rob, since I’m on holiday from tomorrow. I might have a look to see if there’s a thread for Australia recommendations and start one if not

:sun_with_face: :australia: :tada:


Let me know on that one - if Basingstoke is off, would defo consider an alternative somewhere else.


Merstham v Whitehawk is probably top of my list at the moment.

Whyteleafe, Dorking and Carshalton are all away.




I’m not paranoid or anything but I suspect someone in my office is trying to get me in trouble.

It’s a hot topic of conversation in my office much like every single office across the country. That it’s too fucking cold in the office! The AC blows out onto our faces and I literally go blue from the cold.

So I have a small personal heater that we were told we’re not allowed to use so it’s been sitting in my drawer UNTIL THIS WEEK when they said they were no longer going to be discussing the temperature in the office and it’s up to individuals to manage their own temperature. Fine. I take that as I’m allowed my heater on again.

Yesterday morning, I did have the heater on. But then I went for 2 glasses of prosecco at lunch to celebrate a colleagues birthday and was quite warm for the rest of the afternoon so didn’t turn it on. I recall being freezing though by the time I went down to my bike and thought “god I hope it’s warmer out there” and rejoiced when I put my radiator heated clothes on my body.

Anyway, I come into work today to someone saying I left my heater on all night long.

Now I know I did not turn my heater on. It takes me forever to leave my house cause i’m so paranoid of leaving things on and starting fires. I take photos of all my plugs every day cause I’m that worried about fires. The cleaners can’t “accidentally” knock the heater on. So I believe someone has turned that heater on deliberately.

Friday thoughts?