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Link them to the Wikipedia page for phase diagrams and refuse to answer any questions on it.


Got to use my espresso mug for the first time and I feel like a giant.


An ATD is coming down to Cork tonight and this is only going to end one way. Absolute carnage.


The main thing I remember is then having to change the lyrics from ‘lipstick, cigarettes, packet of three’ to ‘lipstick, crackerbread, packet of cheese’ for Saturday morning TV :joy:


You’ll get there m9, get December out the way and use the new year as a chance to crack on with it.


Forgetting/losing headphones and having to travel is just horrific :weary:


How’s this for a tale of complete incompetence?

Back story: used to own a flat where the leaseholder was the city council. Access to the shared water tank was via my flat so I used to have to give a maintenance company regular access - this caused all sorts of issues. Sold the flat back to the city council in July.

Last week: got a phone call from the city council saying they needed access to my flat for water tank maintenance. I explained politely that I did not own nor live in the flat, and in fact it was they who owned the flat.

Today: phone call from the maintenance company saying ‘er we’re standing outside your flat waiting to replace your water tank why are you not here’



5 e-mails deep into a chain about which member of staff is going to be which day of Christmas for the company greeting card and suddenly going to the pub for gin at lunch is appealing.


On the train having my ears caressed by @sheeldz night shift podcast


Omfg I am hungover

That’ll be the tequila for you

Full of regret right now.


Get a Bloody Mary in you


Alright @Lo-Pan :smiley:


The man knows his medicines


working 6-1 tonight. Praying that I’m not on concessions.


I keep getting a phonecall from a lady near Motherwell who is looking for her mobile that she lost about 20 minutes ago.

I’ve had the same number for over 3 years.


She’s quite apologetic but keeps calling back and being like “oops nope, that’s not it” :laughing:


Unwisely decided to wear a jacket without a hood this morning I’ve definitely made better decisions.


He does :grinning::wink:


Just an email from someone who spells their name: Jessicarr


Is she a pirate?