Friday Friday Friday


A colleague who is the same age as me has just said she doesn’t know who Burt Bacharach is and claims to have never heard ‘I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself’. I shouldn’t be stunned but I am?


hi all

went back to sleep for a couple of hours and now i feel much less hungover. got a peany b bagel and some lemon squash to sort me out. meeting in 20 mins though ergh.

so i had a lot of fun last night and i think i had my favourite bumble date yet! we went to this little bar and it got a little wild, we got there early but it got super busy later on and at one point bohemian rhapsody was playing and everyone was singing along. and then one of the bartenders was going around pouring whisky into people’s mouths using a ladle. we drank too many beers and had two shots of tequila for no reason whatsoever. but yeah, super cool girl, deffo want her as my friend. OH but she had never heard of the eurovision song contest and i promised to send her some links, got any faves @Juke @roastthemonaspit ?

tonight i am going to see some “gothic ambient techno” or something. i’m not 100% looking forward to it but it’s my friend’s birthday and i said i would go. unsurprisingly don’t really want to drink tonight either.


someone took my headphones FROM MY PLACE OF WORK last night :rage:


DO I - let me curate and get back to you


Just send her this

and if that doesn’t pique her curiosity then there’s no hope for her


That and the best song of the decade




There’s less than nothing to do in work today & horror of horrors I have forgotten my earphones. just kill me now.

3 hours left. Not even comfortable going for a smoke


Also in the missing headphone group here. Always leave them in my work bag, for some reason I took them out the other day, not even to use, and put them on my desk in my bedroom. Work is dead and I’m just staring into the abyss.


WFH-d this morning and off this afternoon as my mum is coming to stay for the weekend :partying_face: Got some fun things planned, just want her to arrive now as I’m feeling nervous about her driving so far in this crappy weather.

Have really been enjoying hearing so much Buzzcocks on 6 music today, albeit for a sad reason.


After posting your Christmas card you were in my dream last night lo pan.

Can’t remember what you were doing but you were fat and had brown hair.


So we’ve both been recently dreaming about one another?! :hushed::wink:


what’s this again?


Can water ‘explode’ if superheated or whacked in a microwave? I assume it’s that at least


hmm good question.

I don’t know for sure but I’m going to say no it can’t it would just boil and evaporate first


Such grace.


I only know the white stripes version does that count?


You still know the song at least!


Just had an interview where I feel like I want the job a lot more than they want me. Bummer.


That’s the one. Went on for a good half hour. Didn’t recourse to looking up the old thread.