Friday Friday Friday


Did I get involved the last time? Because the answer is definitely yes, and I definitely wouldn’t miss an opportunity to tell everyone that I’ve published papers on microwave chemistry.


Should’ve asked your friendly neighborhood patent attorney.


I’m going to a silent disco, can’t tell if it’s gonna be really really shit or really realllly good


Did you dream about me?


how is there still one and a half hours left?


At least it’ll be quiet, which is something that I for one increasingly value on a night out.


I missed the original thread. But it definitely can.


Because I’ve still got loads to do. Stop distracting me ffs.


M9, I wasn’t going to start banging on about phase diagrams at half-nine in the morning, this place isn’t DiS!


How many times have you won it man?


Dear Dr. Epimer,

Are microwaves the same as radio waves just really tiny?

So is it basically just really high frequency sound?

Could you put a sound out on a record that would cook food?


B. Amnan


Is this in Manchester? I was meant to be going to a silent disco tonight


The slowest day of all time. I’m going to go home at 4 and do the last hour of work on the bus instead.


You never know! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Yes (actually the frequency ranges overlap).

No, sound waves aren’t a form of electromagnetic radiation.

That’s a question for Raekwon to answer.


Aye, when I jumped off the Marriott and you helped me :+1::grinning:


Dear B.Amnan,

I really liked this post. It’s a good exercise in lateral thought.


K. Allgeese.


I love silent discos so much


Oh yeah forgot about that


How could you forget, I was a mess :grinning::grimacing::wink: