Friday Friday Friday


Mm food is soundwaves about food so the food is in your head when he talks about food


Yep I’m very deep into the abyss. feels like it will never end.


thanks doc!


you’re very welcome my friend!


If this is in Manchester (specifically south Manchester) then I will be working the door there! So say hi if you see me and we’ll both have a new answer to the ‘most recent Disser you met’ in the other thread.


ok this has gone TOO FAR

just had a CV with the applicant’s shoe size on it.

(it’s 10.5 (US) if anyone is interested.)


I once got a cv into the work and the whole thing was written in the 3rd person. :grinning:


honestly, that would be a dream right now.


Supposed to go to beer fest tonight but everyone’s bailed on me ;_;




Alright eric?!


What does one wear to a gothic ambient techno concert?


Do an evening thread instead
Beer tastes nicer at home anyway


Going to the theatre cause I’m middle class




North London overground stops are so close together

Lazy bastards


not even an impressive size


Impressive shoe sizes:




Got £15 refund from O2. WOO.