Friday Friday Friday

Hey folks

It’s early, but it’s Friday

Just woke up from the most horrific, cruel nightmare, drenched in sweat. Great start to the day.

What did YOU dream about?


I don’t recall last night’s dreams.

But my dreams are often awful.

Last night we watched Con Air because my wife has been listening to that ‘How Did This Get Made’ podcast where they did an episode on it.

Frustratingly we can’t find Jaws: The Revenge on any of the streaming sites we have because their episode on that was great.

Yeah, 545am wake up. #children.

Going to lie on the couch and sleep


Late afternoon/early evening here. Arrived in Akaroa today ready for a wedding tomorrow. Views on the way in were pretty sweet:

Current view from the balcony’s not too shabby either:


Have you been able to make an “Akaroa? I hardly know her!” joke yet?

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Hey Eps,

I was in a penoid shop earlier but felt like I really couldn’t spend $40 AUD on some additional painted plastic figures, nor could I justify $80 on that reissued 1st Edition B1 and B2 module book. It is very nice looking, though.

I then went into a stationers/newsagents to get some basic stuff and they had pencils and pads of paper but no sharpeners or rubbers. Fucking weird.

What a day!


How is it?

Behaving itself more than yesterday, thank you for asking.


Friday all day. About time too.


Monday for me today. Got a big delivery arriving at some point but at least the day won’t drag as much hopefully. Can someone remind me at about 5pm to put a bottle of the good whiskey aside for my dad’s birthday present. Cheers.

Morning all. No dreams, but the sunrise this morning was pretty dreamy.

Nice way to start a very long day.


Just remembered my dream, FUCKING HELL

Crappy sleep because the wife was snoring so much :roll_eyes:.

But we’re flying back to Ireland for the weekend and it’ll be great to see everyone. :grin:


Just sat on my bollock

Solidarity, @epimer


Morning Juke, all. No dreams tonight and I woke up at a normal time :partying_face:


Never remember my dreams, probably a good thing.

Been out for a run (managed three a week for the last three weeks now, super proud of myself, usually very inconsistent/lazy), off to work in a bit.

Skiving out at 2 to see Avengers, then home for pizza and probably being a bit emotionally exhausted.

Getting some furniture delivered tonight because I am cool and know how to spend a Friday night :+1:


I dreamt about spreading marmalade on a 30" piece of toast and being really upset about it.

How was the flight?


My flat got egged last night! Unbelievable. Saw the kids running away laughing, nearly shook my fist at them. Got a work event tomorrow so staying over in Stirling tonight to prep, really cba and just want Friday pizza at home.

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