Friday Friday Morning

I’m wearing a new overshirt. Wuu2?



Just had a coffee. Lazing round now with napping F watching TV. Had a fairly decent night sleep with her so feel like a new woman tbh.

Waterbabies today. Need to go collect a parcel too.

Looks like nice weather out.

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Bit of a fuzzy head after a work event yesterday. Also baby was just sick directly down the inside of my T-shirt and a bit in my beard.

Currently sat with a coffee and watching the Gilberto Gil family series thing on prime. Hopefully a fairly straightforward day of work today and then I’m having my first evening of solo parenting so I guess anything could happen. Probably get a pizza in.


that was yesterday, it’s grey and miserable at the moment

My bike is apparently fixed, so off into Brum again to pick it up.

Probably get a coffee and cake as a payday treat while I’m out.


This is the first time since having covid in january I’ve woken up and felt healthy :blush:

Today is my Friday and my Saturday as I’ve got a tour on Sunday.


So tired.

Morning all :wave:

Slept better last night albeit in 1-2 hour bursts. Can’t remember the last time I had a cold (maybe this time last year?) - not 100% but maybe 85%.

Going to make two new dishes later that I’ve not tried before. We’ll see how that goes.

someone’s just added a PCSO to the WhatsApp group for the street


Tuna is a grass


Maple pecan pastry in the oven

Drinking some disgustingly green smoothie

Gonna flail through work then maybe some drinks tonight, then a weekend of very little ahead (Which is just fine tbh)

Had a little treat and set my alarm for 8.15 this morning, did me the world of good.
Gonna coast through as little work as possible then over to Barnsley for a big night out of 2-4-£10 cocktails and a boogie at the rock and reggae bar.
Bit worried it’s so provincial that places might be a bit shoes only but i’ll charm my way in with my big city ways.

Are you in Manchester? Are you coming to my tour on Sunday? Or were you just telling your pals to come to it?

Interrogation over.


I hope this answers your concerns at this trying time :pray:

(Should be there in November though)


Cormorant on the river


Day off. Going to a big event. The re-opening of Christchurch home bargains!!11 #big #event

Internets just gone down. Oh well no work. Got my phone for actual stuff

Burned tongue on molten pastry filling

Had Friday pastry and wearing new t shirt. Soon LOTR time.


Really miss Instagram just being pictures :sob:

Morning everyone, going home this weekend, but feeling like I really want to stay here and do useful things because the flat is a bit of a mess.

I know if I did all I’d do is drink wine tonight and end up doing nothing tomorrow as a result :laughing: soooo I’ll be happy once I get there, it’s just the journey there is a bit nothingy.

Anyway, fallen a wee bit behind on my horror film watching. So will need to watch some with my Mum when I’m home :laughing: :heart:

is WASD everyone’s natural finger placement in a keyboard or just gamers?