Friday Friday Morning

Ha, does an amazing chicken schnitzel as well. Has only recently branched out into having a space to eat in so is nice to see an independent place thriving.

Friday :partying_face:


big fan of the profile pic

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IDKWTM :laughing:

some of us read the people who posted above us :wink:

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ate too much ice cream

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This is an unfortunate choice of name for you to pick here :frowning: , you weren’t to know, but too soon

Just remembered that I said I’d stay til 5 and cover the phones :frowning_face: Party’s over (for an hour)

Got my new glasses and my blood test results came back. All normal :sunglasses: pretty surprised given the abuse I’ve put various parts of my body through.


High Five Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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I haven’t eaten anything yet today and I can’t yet or even read cos I don’t want to wake Avery up :sob:

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Maybe I should have a bath. I can read in the bath


On the ferry to islay and the tannoy says the coastgutad will be doing some training. Next this the helicopter comes out of nowhere and some dude is climbing out. He lands on the ferry and then gets a package down. Next thing he hooks himself back up and gets back into the chopper

Everyone claps and cheers and then the dude leans out the chopper and takes a bow :grinning::heart_eyes:


I’ve had my current phone for over two years and just figured out that I never turned 5G on

This is not helping guys :laughing:

P.S. I did read it! But because Keith had one letter different my brain somehow didn’t twig :upside_down_face:


Is it OK to eat leftovers you heated in a plastic container in the microwave (as that’s all you had) and a little bit of the plastic melted?

Not gonna eat the melted plastic obvs

  • It’s fine
  • It’s not safe
  • I don’t know

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Was gonna ask @froglet directly but Avery said I shouldn’t cos she’ll tell us not to eat it