Friday? Friday!

Have I missed a Friday daily thread? If not, give me your Friday plans here!

I’m on a half day and then off for a weekend away! Gonna see Charli!


Work then a quiet one tonight as I’ve got a busy weekend, early next week so gonna try and grab an early night.

Manchester for a mates birthday tomorrow
BC:NR at the brude Sunday
Works night out Tuesday
Lorde Wednesday.


forgot to set an alarm for my sainos delivery this morning. lad who delivered it was doing some patter about the cheesecake i bought but i wasn’t in any fit state to respond. working from home today but have no supervision at all so remains to be seen whether i’ll do much of anything.

nice weekend plans starting in approx 7 hours. weyyyy.


What was the cheesecake bants Eric?! Don’t leave us hanging like that

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Morning all!

I’ve already done a conversion about a research grant from my union and I’m about to talk to one of the exam board verifiers about internal verification.

After that, I’ve got an interview to prepare for and probably some robots to fight on the old computer games.

Not sure what I’m eating for lunch. It probably won’t be exciting.

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Sat in bed with a coffee and my glasses on perusing the latest of the WAGatha Christie trial.

Vardy’s lawyer summed up yesterday by basically saying she couldn’t have done it because she’s not clever enough. Actually imagine that, paying someone hundreds of thousands of pounds to defend you in the high court and the best they can come up with is that. I’m well aware I’m not particularly intelligent but if that was me, out of pure principle I’d stand up and be like nah sue me then, I did do it, I am smart, shut your face


Morning all, day off and started with a pastry from the new Gails bakery that’s just opened yesterday. Would have taken a pastry pic, but ate it too quickly sorry. Doing music all day which is fun, so I give today a thumbs up!

just like ‘that’s a nice one that is, i had a slice of that last night actually lolol’ type of thing

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Morning! Slightly foggy from a few beers. Have got some work to do today that is both very boring and very urgent and stressful, the worst combo :confounded:

Leftover pizza for lunch though :partying_face:

Off to the parents via a drink with my friend Jamie.

Birthday this weekend but no major plans yet.

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Oh fair, not particularly strong then.

Thank you for responding, very kind of you

I have just eaten this, and it was delicious. Artichokes, spicy salsa, halloumi etc. I buttered the bagels, pic was pre that.


cleaning out my emails and for some reason I emailed this to myself in 2013



Really hectic morning getting beer ready for three different weddings. Not even Friday cause I’m working tomorrow. Might try and remember where I hid my emergency cake.

Trying to be a productive little worker bee and get lots of my work done so I can slack off next week. My attention is terrible though.
Listening to Built to Spill and plans for weekend are taking kid to cricket and some other kid related bullshit! The weather better sort its fucking act out though.

Feeling so excited about this weekend :relaxed: Got an m&s train picnic lined up imminently, going to spend most of tomorrow amongst my concrete nerd peers on a tour looking at William Mitchell murals and I’m going to drink fizzy wine for 72 hours only breaking to instead drink chai.

Got Halo by Texas stuck in my head :angel:


Had a little cry this morning cause someone made me feel like a thicko at work. Maybe I am just thick? Hello imposter syndrome!!!

Seeing lovely DiS faces tonight then cinema and pizza with ma bambino tomorrow. Sunday - nothing everyone leave me alone.

Had one of those moments where i became aware how lucky my life is.

My faithful headshaving clippers conked out, but did so about two seconds before i went to use them, at full ‘zero’ on the side of my head.

About five seconds later and i would have had a stripe straight through my hair, and no way to fix it with a very urgent meeting to get to.



Aieeeee! Enjoy!


wat u c-ing?