Friday fun: collaborative Geoguesser

Let’s play a game!

I post images from Google Streetview, via Geoguesser, you guys work together to guess where it is.

I’m not doing any moving around or zooming in, just turning on the spot and taking screenshots. So that’s all you’ve got to work with.

First up:


Got a feeling Geoguesser might time out so this could be a complete failure of a game.


Somewhere in Austria. Gratz maybe

Looks a bit like where my family are from in mettmann. Don’t think it’s mettmann but that part of the world?

I would guess Bavaria. Franconia?

Definitely Hull

It was of course the town of Springe in Germany. Congrats to @tilty for the initial guess of Germany and @Aggpass who was pretty close with his guess of Mettmann

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Can I check what the rules are? I just googled the optician and it brought it straight up, but that didn’t seem like much fun…

No holds barred @Petagno my old chum. You can Google all you like.

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Round 2: much trickier one this…



Eastern Europe?

Somewhere in the US mid-west

Looks bleak. Old Kent Road?

@marckee is the closest on this one. It’s a road outside of Wellington, Texas, not far from the Oklahoma border and close to Amarillo.

Well done @marckee!

Round 3:

Mexico, somewhere.


Annoyingly, I didn’t get there in time for the first one, as I wasn’t too far off there either.