Friday Funday Thread

So how is everyones day so far? Hopefully better than mine…

Last night I tried out the new shower for the first time, and guess what another leak. So my brother in law is coming back AGAIN to take a look at 9ish.

But also there are server problems at work that can’t be fixed remotely and the other person who knows about it as Covid, so I’ve had to go in. But to top that my car broke down yesterday and I’m not getting it fixed until tomorrow.

So this morning I was laying in bed at 5:45AM worrying and decided to go to work early to get back for 9ish. Got the 6:18 bus, got the perfect connection and got to the office just before 7.

I’m supposed to be on a half day to take a friend to hospital for MRI results, but with no car I can’t do that. I’m insured to drive his car, so that might be an option, or he’ll have to go with someone else.

Fun times. What do you have planned, Hope you are having better days :smiley:


What a nightmare!

Hope by this evening all is looking better xx

Taking dog to vet for a check
Might make cauliflower soup for lunch

Watching more love is blind
Lounging about because it’s half term
Pizza, finish The Watcher


I’ve had a wisdom tooth painfully trying to force itself into my mouth for the last week, bored of it now.

Dropped car off for a service.
Off into work where I’m leading a meeting where no one is going to be happy with what I’m telling them.
Kids half term starts after today, and I’ve got next week off so bring it on!

On the bus to work, listening to Fern Brady on the taskmaster pod. Decent.

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Morning all!

I slept terribly and I’m very tired.

I’m picking things up from various healthcare providers and doing a charity shop run today. I might do a little beer shop or buy an interesting lunch but haven’t got really strong feelings either way.

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Morning. Going into the office as my internet is down at home. The elastic on these socks seems to have gone, so they keep falling down. #minorirks

Going to the pub with some mates tonight, though, so that’s something to look forward to.

12 hours!!


I had to be on an online training course starting at 8am. Feel like I’m living a coffee meme

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This has been the first week of my office -working life where I’ve had to be up at 7am every day. It’s also the first time I don’t live within 2 miles of work.

This is a long way of saying that I have not had as much sleep as I am used to.

Just had a rat run into my foot as I was walking to the shops. So that’s something.



Need to finish packing as were leaving around lunchtime, been out for breakfast on campus, now sat watching TV. Ill get started in a few mins :joy:

Excited/nervous for my first overnight ferry crossing tonight (Harwich to Hook Of Holland).

Also F is 6 months tomorrow…how did that go so quick!

Might have a quick coffee get me going you know.


Well the server problems are sorted, so I can head home. Someone here is going to site out in Guildford so he can give me a lift.

The leak is apparently sorted too. but I’ll believe that when I see it.

Things are picking up.


Morning :wave:

The bf and I booked ourselves a mini break to Newcastle again in November, so that’s exciting.

Recommendations for any wanker beer places, nice places to eat, things to do are very welcome! @guntrip :eyes:


I’ll DM you some stuff!


Hooray! Thank you :blush:

Real stinker today. We usually get paid on Friday before the 24th of the 24th lands on a Monday but for some reason not this month. Has completely destroyed my plans for the weekend (my birthday celebrations no less) and left me with nothing but oats and rice for the weekend. Was hoping to have a couple tinnies and play overwatch with the lads tonight to bit i guess ill load up on coffee instead. Guess i took the whole thing for granted but why this month of all months!

Trying to stay positive though. Still generally on the upswing mental healthwise today and i guess that means ill treat myself to a banging take away on my actual birthday on Monday and as im signed off until the 28th october due to said mental health breakdown i may go for a couple drinks on my actual birthday instead. Got a lot of taskmaster to watch having not been in the mood to watch any recently so ill do that tonight

Been to get the bits to make Basque cheesecake. Will make that this afternoon.

Morning all, in the office today so I’m on a train.

The cat woke me up just close enough to my alarm time that I wouldn’t be able to get any more sleep, but far enough away from my alarm time for me to the feel the loss of the sleeping time. She’s too beautiful to stay vexed at though, this is how they get you.

The dog has developed a habit of jumping on the bed at about 5am and wanting to go under the covers for a bit.

Problem is when he jumps on the bed, he tends to just trample all over one of us.


Good Morning One, Good Morning All

It’s now that time of year when a week ago it was light when you’re getting up but now it isn’t. I bloody hate that. I could have done with a couple more hours sleep too, but there you go.

And while I’m moaning, because I ordered the fancy limited edition version of the new Dry Cleaning album, and because the vinyl manufacturing process is broken, I don’t get to pick up their new album up at lunchtime

Anyway, it’s almost the weekend, so lighten up eh Rob?