Friday Funday Thread

Made this from Mezcla last night with sea bass. It was really tasty (definitely double the tomatoes though) :yum:

Off to a meeting now then got bao to look forward to tonight before Angel Olsen.

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I’ve done the chazza run, picked up some groceries and collected my contact lenses.

Wor Lass’s brother and I had cleverly orchestrated series of missed calls which eventually concluded with him asking me to be one of the groomsmen at his wedding, so that’s nice.

I’m waiting for coffee to brew and I’ve had an apple.


think the cold might finally be going, halleluyah

bought Hold Steady tickets for March like some sort of … weird … actual adult? don’t like it

might rearrange my room this afternoon

Got absolutely zero sleep. Fitbit says I got five hours but it was just falling in and out of wakefulness in quick succession.

On the plus side the sertraline might be starting to take hold. Feel a bit more positive today which is weird given no sleep. Went back to the docs for my followup and they’ve upped my dosage to 75mg. She’s also the nicest doctor I’ve ever had. Full respect to her.

Had an eat natural bar and a decaf coffee. Now walking home.

Morning all been curious most of this week about the price of a bog standard Palace\Gucci T shirt would be


Who buys this stuff. I have few Palace t-shirts, wearing one now, but just fucking LOL.

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Shower is finally sorted, or so I hope. Looking forward to my first home shower in nearly 6 weeks later.

Will miss going to gym nearly every day.

the decks alone are £100 :rofl:

Rains on again then

recently discovered there is a tier above ready meal, that is the ubiquitous 2 for £8 slow cooked meat range, just add some chips in the air fryer and it is like going to the harvester every night. now my gout is back though




Got the day off cos I had some leave to use, listening to The Car with a cup of tea, lovely stuff.

Also at Angel Olsen tonight, gonna mosey over to Manchester a bit earlier this afternoon for a bit of a mooch (probs just gonna go to some pubs and read) before my friends arrive. Anything worth seeing in Manchester during the day today? Save me a google MME!

Had some setbacks but also some progress on work/looking to replace work.
Eye test coming up this weekend which is always fun.


Got a Friday feeling, big (slightly too big) stack of records turned up in the post, beans on toast (plus soft boiled egg) for lunch coming up, ave it.

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Have some broccoli with it :broccoli: :slight_smile:


I actually like broccoli, never thought about buying it


Was enjoying my day off until I got a 1k tax reminder in the post, never forgotten to pay before. Damn and damn. I’m sure the afternoon will pick up.

going to listen to some more Feeder today I reckon



Want some sandwich with your lettuce?!? HAHAHAHAHA

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Now now, Funky, it’s been proved this week that the humble lettuce is mightier than even a prime minister. The time for mocking lettuce has passed