Friday Funday

Morning all!

I’m awake early and The Child is disappointed Turning Red isn’t available yet.

I have no classes today which is great but I do have a pile of admin to wade through which will probably be easier for me to do if I work from work. I have a blood test first thing so trying to stay hydrated.

Please have wonderful days - try your best to be your best x


Bestest of best

Got my zig zag dress on. Already excited about leaving work at 4 and haven’t even left home yet

Bonza day for all


Hey Keith

Going to take M to school shortly then come back and wash my mane which is the most tedious chore. No work today.

Off to Hebden and Tod later for some pubs and some dinner, devastated to see that the dog pub has closed down though :sob:

Had to set my alarm 2+ hours earlier than usual because I’ve got to take my car to the garage. So of course I went to bed early and couldn’t sleep, and then woke up an hour before the alarm :sleeping: :woman_zombie:

Good morning all

Got the car for the day as I need to pick up a new hoover. Getting a highly DiS-recommended Shark.

Might take the dog to the Lickeys as a treat, seeing as we’ve got wheels for the day.

Last day at work. Feels like the last day of school. Might play board games and put The Land Before Time on.


Took two years but the covid has finally got me. Home alone today, and then I foresee spending a lot of time shut in the bedroom all weekend. Sigh.



We made it! Another Friday. No idea what work I gave today since I had the afternoon off yesterday. I did some great work yesterday morning, so hopefully I’ll be riding off the back of that for a bit


Morning Keith and friends,

Friday morning walk dog count - :dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2:

@ttf :+1:t2:


If a client asks you to quickly make them a new email address (using their domain) what does that even mean. Guessing I need to ask for a login to their DNS host and add it in there?

It’s raining, I’m wet, it’s my Tuesday

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Wen to see Dogs Of Europe by the Belarus Free Theatre last night as I’m trying to get into going to the theatre.

It was quite “out there” but enjoyed a lot of aspects.

Chill day today then family hen do tomorrow! :bride_with_veil:


Half an hour late taking the car and it needs jump starting ffs

Grumpy socks for grumpy froglet


You should probably do something different, for a change of pace.


I do need to sort out life insurance and stuff like that today as my current cover is through work. Dr Mrs Epimer has explicitly instructed me that I’m not allowed to die until that’s all sorted out.


Lovely morning, woke up in a good mood, going for Thai food and to see Yves Tumor tonight with loads of pals, top Friday.

Only downsides are that it’s the last week of my mindfulness/meditation course today, can’t believe I’m not gonna get paid to spend two hours every Friday dicking around and meditating after today.

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Something about a dental plan.

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