Friday game - stickman celebrity


invented this when exceptionally bored working behind a bar about five years ago.

Whoever guesses the celebrity gets to draw the next one.

the stickman must remain fully featureless: you must use props alone

i will start us off with an easy one:



The invisible man?




thunderbirds laughing gif


Which stick man have we to guess?


only one of them is a celebrity


I know who this is but I don’t really want to do any drawings


this thread is doomed isn’t it


I thought it might be David Blaine, but then I don’t understand the helicopter McDonalds bit.


Yeah, this.


One for the dads…


The hapless New Yorker’s stomach could almost be heard rumbling as the whiff from the grill filled the box 35ft above the ground where he has spent eight days without food.

It follows another burger blitz 24 hours earlier when a glossy lads’ magazine tantalised Blaine with a McDonald’s cheeseburger meal in a bag dangling from a remote- controlled model helicopter


marckee has to do the next one


I don’t think so, it seems like an excellent thread to me, I’m just not keen on picking up a pen and doing anything with it.


yes he does. you go @marckee





Well done! Now it’s your turn to draw.


I really like your drawing.