Friday, getting down on Friday

Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend?

Morning DiS! I’m up early to go into the office and because I got one of those alarms where you have to scan an item to turn it off, which was quite effective.

What we all looking forwards to? Hope everyone has a nice day!


Morning @squandered and the rest of DiS :wave:

I was up at 2.20am to drive into Cambridge and count rough sleepers. Managed to get about 5 hours sleep beforehand so don’t feel too terrible, but it’ll hit me later. Going to do some work, maybe have a nap, and then I’m going to try a Meera Sodha recipe for dinner later.

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Got a week off after today. You can do it safebruv

Woke up half an hour before my alarm, which is disproportionately annoying for how little it’ll actually effect me.

Boring work day ahead then a nice boring weekend. Context is important.


Bit hungover - off to a wedding today and then going on holiday tomorrow :star_struck:




Using the wrong colour paint I ordered to paint M’s room instead of mine. Started last night, cba with finishing it.

Scout motel is open to Eric tonight. Welcome, please enjoy the mess and the paint smell, 5 stars.


Finally found on the council website the wasp people to get rid of the wasp nest in our gutter. £57 to get rid of the wasp nest and if it turns out they aren’t wasps they don’t get rid of it and keep the £57. Absolute daylight robbery

Yeah I had this recently too. Absolute nonsense.

I love how it’s friday


Sounds like you’re going to get stung



Good morning all!

Going for my flu jab this morning. How exciting!
Might go to the pet shop if I cba and get some treats in for Ozzie.

Other than that, just need to walk the aforementioned furry animal.

Going for a Local Indian tomorrow and doing the first roast of the season on Sunday, so looking forward to those over the weekend.

@Roughyed I’d say £57 seems a reasonable price. Them keeping the money if it’s not wasps is a bit shit, mind you.

Was feeling pretty pleased with myself just now.

Went to get something from the bathroom and as I walked past my chest of drawers on my way back, I realised it was getting a bit cluttered again after I had recently tidied it up and I so made the momentous decision to get rid of the little cardboard bag my birthday earrings came in. Yes it’s good quality but realistically when am I going to use it? To the recycling bin it goes! I strode downstairs with a swing in my step, thinking 'I know! I’m going to try to remove 1 item from the COD each time I walk past it! Yes! I am Getting Things Done! I am going to sorting my life out! It’s a whole new me! ’ :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses:
I was feeling very smug indeed, until I got to the bottom of the stairs and realised I was only carrying the little bag, not the thing I’d gone upstairs to get :upside_down_face:


Thursday for me today. Dread city, alt: 69m, population: me

I’m 98% sure they are wasps but, due to the cost I’m doubting myself a tiny bit. Plus it is in such an awkward position it is difficult to really confirm it.

They are absolute gits for any sort of service like picking up big items for disposal, our old mattress is the one I think we have used them for, they will only collect 3 times a year and charge you £30 first time up to about £90 for the last one. Not surprised people flytip.

Got a big ol’ scrape on my big ol’ head and it hurts quite a bit still which isn’t nice. Also got a busy day ahead that has already started cause I had to come in to fix something and will end late cause of a tour. Friday though innit :partying_face:

Yeah from a quick google seems alright. Did find one for £45 and then found they had a caveat that if it was over 5 metres they wouldn’t do it. Bit weird but, if you haven’t got the gear you have got the gear.

Literally do this at least 3 times a day
And/or finding myself in a room with no idea what I went there for.


little bit hanging after beers and whisky last night…and other delicious sweet carbs.
Hopefully work should be very quiet today.
The weekend involves kid parties and the #goingoutwiththemissus. Bloody kids parties every weekend!

Going to see the nurse about my bunged up ear. Apparently they’ll have to refer me to another nurse to do the unbunging.