FriDay go

Hiya. Did a 40 mile bike last night. Dead. Also have acid reflux from having too many congratulatory gins. Hopefully quiet at work today. Also saved £140 and this is my 14th day off the ciggies.

What’s up x


Congrats on both fronts.

Apparently 5am is the time I wake up now. Gonna go for a little pootle around some hills.


The very idea of this just made me shiver. We made a pact last night that we’d do the same run backwards tonight and I’m already sacking it off. The thought of going out now… Eeesh.

But enjoy!!! Eat a pastry for me x

Dog walk
Lunch + Rocket League
Dog walk
Teachers season 2

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Going food shopping this morning.
It’s raining :unamused:

Super work, Tilty!


Funky Monday :frowning:

Still buzzing about Scotland getting to the euros. Have to go do work today but that’s a wee minor annoyance. Mon the Scotland.

Hope everyone has a special Scotland day. It’s not a Bank Holiday… yet.


Hey up hey up

Going to listen to Secret Love Song on the way into work to get ready to smash the day. Been told several times this week that I make many salty comments. Which, in my opinion, is :muscle:

Have a an excellent day all. (Especially @anon19035908) x


You too Slickers :heart:

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Can hear my next-door neighbours getting up etc. Never heard them before, assumed thick walls but maybe they’re just quiet people and oh god I have a loud voice and swear a lot. Gonna have to move.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Well done Tilz

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Fucking work. Why do I have to do this stuff.

@tilty, how’s the no fags hanging with you?

Absolutely fine, although I am vaping. No urge whatsoever though for an actual cigarette.

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Fabulous! That’s exactly how I remember it going. Felt a bit surreal that lack of urge.

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Later on I plan to go for my first November bike ride since probably when I was eight or something. Just to the shops to buy wine of course, but I’m counting it.

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Jealous. I can smell that in my head. I fully intend to go for a walk round the park in a minute, before it starts raining.

On a course of suppositories at the moment. They come with finger ‘condoms’ for administration purposes.

Youngest daughter found them on my bedside table last night - and asked if they were balloons for her birthday.

Mrs W explained that they were daddy’s balloons; and then realised that this may be taken to mean something else, so clarified that they were daddy’s balloons for taking his bum medicine.

I can’t look my daughter in the eye now.