Friday: I have no original title ideas

Seen this letter from Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera?

Uni again, not sure my brain can hack it. Going to sleep as soon as humanly possible tonight.


Friday Kahlo

The last line of that letter is pure chefs kiss


New ceiling leak has developed, so that’s super great. More rent reductions please and thanks.

Oh FFS. It was staring me right in the bastard face


Don’t be so hard on yourself, Diego. It’s Friday after all!


Filed a load of crusted hard skin off my knuckle last night except I went too far and now I have a sore graze there and the cycle continues

Cannot fucking wait for home time today. It hasn’t even been a stressful week, I just can’t bring myself to give two fucks about work at the moment.

Got the house to myself tomorrow too. Going to go absolutely fucking nuts with cleaning chores.


Working from home, just can’t be bothered to go in today and this way I get to watch two episodes of the Office instead of one.


Sounds like she was still well into him

Good morning all. Have been up since 3:15 a.m. on my usual, slightly pointless count of homeless people. stopped off at the co-op in the hope of putting up some baked goods but there were none. Classic co-op.

On the plus side, I get to take this afternoon off so Mrs CCB and I will be heading to the pub for lunch. We have a buy one get one free voucher! Truly living our best lives.

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Dressed like a right twat today too


It’s my Monday so off to work in a minute. Don’t wanna.

Got a meeting with a major funder and I have to tell them we fucked up.

Good times.

Feeling proper shit.

Small thing, I misplaced my daughter’s homework planner, but that’s sent her into an enormous frenzy of anxiety. Her face when I dropped her off is properly haunting me.

Fucking hell.

Fuck off Friday, that would have done me for the thread title.

‘If there is anything I’d enjoy before I die, it’d be not having to see your fucking horrible bastard face’

Looking forward to the selfie thread.


Morning scouters and associates. Got some m9s coming down from Lincoln to see us today so I’m leaving early today to go on yet another tour of parliament with London’s premier House of Commons photographer. Hitting the pub tonight, can’t wait for a few beers.

Why when you’re on a bus and you listen to a slightly melancholic song does your life turn into a film


I feel like crap today, I woke up with very bloodshot eyes and it still hasn’t fully cleared. I’m getting a slightly later train because of it.

I’ve got a big meeting later for a new project, I’m absolutely dreading it. I should have done a sicky.

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Laurence Fox is cancelled.