Friday innit

You guys must be waking up now right? I literally just got out from Converge playing Jane Doe :heart_eyes:


Alright mate


Yes I’m having a good time and soon it will end

I don’t know what converge playing Jane doe means but I take it you’ve been up all night?

Skim listening to some good album releases on the way to work. I’ve heard tracks by Palehound, Vince Staples, Lauren Halo, Denai Moore and Algiers.

It’ll be a shit day at work as I work at a shit place but meeting a mate later that I was best man for and also an ex-workmate with for food and drink and a moan about anything and everything.

I’m in Calgary Alberta Canada right now so it’s 1am here

Day off today, travelling up to Sheffield with @plasticniki and @plasticmike to see @japes @Aggpass and @svenrokk. Should be a great weekend


That’s nice

Ooh how lovely

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Yes! But it’s confusing to have been up when my friends were asleep and I’m about to do vice verca

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I’ve put lycra on to cycle to Waterloo because I can’t find any other suitable clothes :thinking:

^ this

Quite excited really.

In other news London has cooled down but the flat is still sweltering WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THAT?

Morning all.

Little to report here…

Have £33 to last me until payday next week so no drinking or buying snacks or rally-cross. Quite a depressing state of affairs.

Anywiddle. On the train to work, then will go into work, then will do some work and then will leave work.

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^Fan of this :ok_hand:



– a year today since the referendum :weary:
++ 3 1/2 years today since we got the gerbils :slight_smile: can’t believe Spice has been with us that long AWWW he’s such a little treasure. wish i could give him a cuddle. i miss his furry face. my dad sent me a picture of him last night and he looked a bit grumpy. FUCKING LOVE HIS LITTLE GRUMPY FACE <3 <3 <3
?? am i gonna get some lovin’ tonight


i literally am just a mad old gerbil lady. don’t bother asking my family how they’re doing, just ask how Spice is constantly and whether he’s been eating seeds and digging loads and if he’s missing me

Feel wrecked. Got woken up by shouting in the night and looked out into the back gardens to see 3 or 4 armed police searching around :confused: couldnt sleep well after that. Today’s gonna be a struggle.

Working in Birmingham then returning to get drunk and ride bikes with some cunts off the internet


Morning all.

– Annual review at 10. Going to be shit I think.
– Horrible weather, so top half dry (thanks, Technical Jacket!) but bottom half quite damp.
– Only coffee I’ve got is this cheap stuff from Spar (so near etc.) and it tastes like fags to me.
++ Bought some Gruyere cheese twists for post-review breakdown.
++ Beer festival this evening.
++ / – house party type thing for a friend’s leaving do tomorrow.