Friday innit

Woah. What was going on, if you have any idea?

Not a clue. They took some fences apart and walked around in some gardens but they left after a while.

Just arrived in Edinburgh, man I fucking hate the m8 with a burning passion.
I’m looking forward to some :beers:Later


Fuck off, m8


Have a lovely time chiefs, very sorry I can’t make it but I get to go and see a stupid baby instead so y’know.


Morning all. Popped my Lese Majesty t-shirt on for the first time today and instantly forgot that it’s a) got a small tear in the seam at the side and 2) it’s quite, quite thin and therefore my nipples are quite prominently displayed.

Gonna listen to Vince Staples’ new record even though he’s got James Blake and Damon Albarn on it and all those lads :confused:

I have the same tshirt and the same problem (nipples.)

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I’m not quite slim enough to pull off this wanton display of faint areola.

I’m only at work for a student who had his class cancelled because the building shut early last night. Trying to find a way of assessing him so he doesn’t fail.

Got a presentation to do, reckon my manager must have thought who would be worst suited to doing this when asking me to do it.

But beer fest after then the real dis meat tomorrow, none of that bike nonsense.

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Discarded song titles for either McLusky or Cocteau Twins.


New dishwasher being installed today. TV is away for the weekend so I’m going to get out on the rocks, have my lil bro round for pizza and rocket league, and catch up on The Americans.
Just got to get through this day of work, eh?

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Having breakfast at a hotel. Somehow they’ve managed to burn the outside of the toast but it’s still soft and bendy?

Must have used a blowtorch

Can’t believe I’ve managed to get myself to Leeds before the time I normally rock up to the office 3 miles away.

It’s pretty cold up north.

@Severed799 bloody hell man that sounds amazing

I’m in work seeing out my notice before redundancy, might apply for some jobs, might fuck around on here. Don’t mind.

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Weather’s back to rainy fascist island normality too then :tada:



Got to take my mum to B&Q, then picking up the older niece and taking her to the park. We’re all going out for dinner tonight, except for my brother-in-law apparently, because tree niece was bragging to him yesterday that “I’m going out to a restaurant with mummy and Grandma and Uncle [Epimer] tomorrow and YOU’RE not invited!”

Fair enough.

I’ll take your mum to B&Q.

(Do we still do this)


Didnt know you were an ent