Friday innit


Morning folks

I’m on a train to London for a meeting then off to a client’s Christmas bash this eve. It’s a tiny company so I’m hoping there’ll be other freelancers there too otherwise it’ll be a bit weird.

Moving house tomorrow! Not sure how two people who don’t read much have so many books.

Any weekend plans?


My Banana is from Panama


my christmas party tonight



Out on a course today. Currently in Costa where they have just played A Winter’s Tale by David Essex. Good Christmas song. Quite understated.

This weekend we will be putting up our Christmas decorations. Hopefully getting out for a decent run tomorrow morning and out to see some friends tomorrow night for little Christmas do. Hoping not to be too hungover on Sunday. Almost certainly will be too hungover on Sunday.


No shit…


Morning. Apparently I (the royal “I”) have agreed to go visit friends in the arse end of nowhere tonight. Absolutely not up for that.

Tomorrow I’m going to drink beer in my pants and watch a nerdy card game tournament stream. Think it starts at ten.

No plans for Sunday.


Christmas party tonight, which means everyone’s skiving off from around lunchtime. Actually quite looking forward to it



Had a hamper-making nightmare yesterday in which everything I attempted to make went wrong. Ended up getting up at 5 this morning to drive to Tesco to buy fresh ingredients and make a fresh batch.

On the plus side, I have the office to myself all day. I’ve turned the music up to 6.


Alright, friends up for the weekend. Off to see John cooper Clarke with the guy from the stranglers who’'s name escapes me tonight, then West brewery tour tomorrow.

Good excuse to eat out all weekend too.

Need to remember to get some fancy beers on the way home.


Hugh Cornwall innit


Got DMX - X Gon’ Give It To Ya stuck in my head so that is today written off.


Christmas party last night. My head feels like a bin. Very glad I took today off. Split my trousers on the dance floor, so I’ll need to buy some new ones today.

No plans really for the weekend. Need to get going on this task for my interview next week.


Off up to Sheffield this evening to see one of my ATDs for the weekend :slight_smile:
Currently making a slide on how different kinds of business intelligence tools meet the needs of different stakeholders in an organisation :no_mouth:


Football teams Christmas do tonight. First proper test of kicking the fags. Good luck aggers


The bf is away on tour so I’ve got the flat all to myself the whooolllle weekend… yaaasss!! I plan on lazing around drinking and eating nice things and watching horror that he won’t watch with me. Bone Tomahawk or Green Room might be on the cards with a bottle of wine tonight. This is my christmas party.

Apart from that I’m getting a much needed haircut tomorrow (My head is starting to look a bit Garth from Wayne’s World) followed by maybe going through to Glasgow for fun and frolics OR staying in Edinburgh for mince pies and boozage. Woo! Weekend!


Morning all! Thank Fuck It’s TFI Friday.

Girl Band were predictably incredible last night. Think they’re my favourite live act, could watch them for hours. Couple of new tracks sounded completely boss.

In proper old-school gig style, a wee lassie was on some chap’s shoulders with her top off at one point, was hoping she’d shout FREEBIRD but no such luck.

Last night's gig was

First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL
Then we let it POP, GO LET IT GO


Are you going out with severed



Friday - Pretended I was baby sitting to get out of my X (gon give it to ya) MAS party so not doing nothing!
Saturday - House Viewings and Probably the annual ceremonial dressing of the TREE
Sunday - Bit of L’Bing and Brunch down at the Dance and Chew with the Crew.


I dunno, am I?