Friday is good

How are you? I have been up since before 3am as I am flying back home today for Easter. My laptop bag and case are fucking stuffed with sweets. I’m tired. But I’m looking forward to seeing my family and staying in an apartment by the sea near Chichester for a few days. This weekend I will be mostly stuffing my face with chocolate and cinnamon buns.




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Going to work hard to finish a short comic today whilst listening to new Kendrick.

Still ill it seems.

At least it’s a good excuse to do nothing today.

morning (good)

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Sup. Working as normal today but still went and had a load of pints last night like an idiot

Off to work. Feeling a bit rusty


I have been looking up collectible five pound notes. I have one that goes for £15-£20 on eBay. I can’t be arsed selling it for that.

That is all for now.

Going home from Dungeness. M25 is going to be a dream right?

Got some snacks for the office

I’ve got work :frowning:

I forgot it was a bank hol and got up, etc at my normal time before realising it’ll only take half the normal time to get to work.

Looking forward to a chaotic day at work due to the roads being full of caravan twats. If you’ll allow me to sound like one of those folks they wheel out from the RAC on the news, last Good Friday our runs to Avonmouth took on average 95 minutes longer than normal. #traffic

What snacks?

Let the hot cross buns eating commence!


I ate too much yesterday and today I feel disgusting and hate myself a bit. Gonna drive over to Anglesey later today though to visit my sister for the weekend :heart:

I have never been to Chichester, is it any good? It’s quite a satisfying word to say

Dark chocolate digestives
Microwaveable toffee popcorn

No synders, unfortunately

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I keep on reading dungeness as dungarees!

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Not good.

My wonderful little gerbil Smudge has been fighting off the Grim Reaper for a fortnight but he couldn’t go on forever. He died in my dad’s arms 40 minutes ago. I’m devastated

that’s awful pervo, RIP Smudge :frowning: