Friday is good

Oooft nice haul CLT :+1: - full credit goes to @AllOfThemWitches though, that place is awesome :slight_smile:

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Which thread were you replying to??

Boromir is easily the best character in LOTR, innit.

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i was just copying image links i’d posted in a (very) old weekend thread. still enjoying all the discourse features

You can call me al is such a fucking great track :grinning::+1:


i think this is the thread you are looking for

YES, yes it is! One of many bangers that Paul Simon has in his catalogue :metal:

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I put on late in the evening at my mates earlier and someone skipped it :angry:

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Four beers deep with some old school friends. Listening to Shite and having impromptu singalongs. Flipping great.

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Why a bear?

I did! Thought it was great/hilarious when i was a kid but retrospectively it was the most infuriating game ever made

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isn’t it one of the most difficult games ever?

How did they taste?? :heart_eyes:

P-P-P-Poker king :moneybag:

Wins a box of matchsticks

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…still up

me too. although its cus I gotta get to the airport. :frowning:

D’ya wanna know something depressing? Kendrick’s been listening to Tame Impala (sp??). And they suck.


Oh actually they’ve done a song together it seems. Well, well done google.
Enjoy the holiday though!!! I’m sure it will keep…you going until the next one? I’m a sad, sad man.

This isn’t even replying to you, why can’t I follow simple processes

Same here, get the bevvies in