Friday, is it (yes)

I just dropped my phone square onto my bollocks so my day can only improve from here.



I haven’t dropped my phone square onto my bollocks, so I’m having a better day than you.


They boy slept through and didn’t get in our bed. I feel beautifully rested.

Converse to @Epimer, my day can only get worse from here.


Anyway, finishing at 3, then on hollibobs until week Monday. Off to my parents for local Indian and booze, rugby and a pub crawl/massive pizza tomorrow. Looking forward to it


In empathy, I’ve refrained from making my usual Papa Roach joke.

I took a day off today as the girls are on half term. Not sure what we’re doing yet as we have to wait til 11am for DPD to decide when they’re going to deliver their parcel. But I’ve got a cup of tea in bed so it’s not all bad.

Morning all!

Should be quite a relaxed morning of handing back assessments and advising on different assessments.

My afternoon should be spent marking essays I should have marked last week and then I’m out for work drinks.

Cba to get out of bed. I get to use the car to go to work today like a big boy.

Just off to buy some soup in the hope it will cure me, at least enough so I can get through a tour tomorrow.

WFH today, wondering whether to call in sick or not but seems a bit wasteful if I’m already at home and able to work from bed. Idk.

You could be just 19 minutes away from the new Kanye record @Epimer hahaha

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Save the sicky if you can be arsed to wfh.


I’ve got a cold too :frowning: any suggestions for how best to power through when you have no choice and you know you’re going to be on your feet for 12 hours?

Morning lovelies. 10 hours at Alton Towers yesterday has worn us out so slow start today. Attempting to work at home with the kids this morning while waiting for my mum to come look after them. Bit of housework then there’s a local vodka producer holding a cocktail evening at a craft beer place in town so it would be rude not to pay it a visit. Followed by 3 day weekend, woo!


Thankfully I don’t have any bollocks to drop a phone on

Just woke up from the most hideous, awful dream though :weary: gonna go back to sleep and hope my subconscious travels somewhere nicer

As much as I love when this happens because I sleep better, it’s so rare that when it does happen it makes me panic and I have to go check on them and inevitably wake them up :roll_eyes:


Morning everyone :blush: I’m not working today (yay) and I set my alarm for 10:30 but here I am. Would love a cup of tea in bed but I will awaken the tv.

Plans today include breakfast, coffee, museums and then drinks later on. :sparkles:


Saline spray to clear your nose a bit, vocalzones to stave off a sore throat, veg. This is my plan. Also, if you use bamboo liners instead of tissues souvenir get a red, dry nose.

I did wonder what that roll of stuff by the saline spray in your pic last night. Hopefully I’ll not get a souvenir red nose

Did a run, now about to inhale toast and coffee while watching The Office.

Staying in the north east this weekend, still wfh today though even tho I live 15 minutes from the office.

Seeing The Shining tonight. Seems to be the longer cut, which I don’t think I’ve seen before.

Exactly this. Was in the middle of getting dressed for work when I started sneezing and getting snot everywhere so fuck this, I’m going back to bed. With my laptop, unfortunately.

Ha, saw that but couldn’t be bothered correcting. You catch my drift.

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