Friday, is it

end of the working week for some, not the end of the working week for others. share your friday tales, and UFO pics if you have any. found this compelling snap:

Friday thread has ufos But Friday thread has he.


Woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday.

This week hasn’t been too bad actually, far from it in fact. And it’s all because we’re busy, which means my line manager has been stuck working in a completely different part of the office from me.

It’s insane how much difference one human being can have on your mood. The only reason I’ve made a request to go back to my previous responsibility is so I’m in a different room to my manager, so I’ll never have to see her - even though in some ways the role is a lot less enjoyable (and I reckon people are a bit surprised I want to do go back to it), I don’t care, that’s purely where the motivation comes from. The dread and the stomach aches I get every morning are all because of anticipating a traumatic interaction with a human being I can’t stand.

I week ago I could have merged both threads into one, to combine both UFO and He. what a thread it could have been! Now though, well, I’m just going to think about different times.