Friday is late

It’s 8.30 - is something wrong?

Rubbish night of sleep which involved a period of time sleeping on The Child’s bedroom floor.

Payday today so I’ll be ordering a load of booze.


Dreamt that my brother was suddenly amazing at drawing, like photorealism on the first attempt, and I felt like I’d fully lost all purpose in life. Worrying insight there.

Everyone is probably just working really hard…



I’ve already sent 3 emails! :sweat:

*puts feet up for the rest of the day *


Morning Kieth, Barley, Unlucky, MWT, etc

Tiny human alarm clock went off at half five but I pressed the snooze button on them (gave them my phone with cbeebies iplayer open, meaning only occasional interruptions when typing was required to find something)

Currently doing a Christmas craft thing R refused in December but suddenly today he brought it up and said he wanted to do it :roll_eyes: (putting eye stickers on pictures of Christmas food cut out from food to order catalogues, nice and low effort)

Dad is coming for a socially distanced visit later which I am not that happy about tbh, but can’t really do anything about it.

Oh, hopefully making the lemon drizzle cake we couldn’t make yesterday because of consequences to misbehaviour. And pizza later, also beer. Good food and drink day :+1:


Morning Flashinglight



Today could go either way. Please be the easy project in my diary and not the horrible handover that I cba with.

Getting takeaway burgers tonight. And hopefully got a new TV cabinet turning up

Pizza day :partying_face:

Totally fucked the dough schedule yesterday because I was too engrossed in Dark Souls 2 so we’ll see what he consequences of that are.

I’m off today (there’s on bit of work I might do) 4 day weekend. Weather is looking pretty rainy til Sunday.

Started a pretty good book, Denis Johnson - Angels, so gonna crack on with that.

Got some fancy Earl Grey yesterday. Gonna have that and toast.


been stood up by my psychiatrist



Had some pretty devastating family news on Wednesday afternoon so took yesterday off for myself, which was definitely needed. Back at it today…by it I mean spending a lot of time on here and occasionally wobbling the mousepad on my work laptop to it doesn’t hibernate

Had a totally free calendar when I logged off yesterday and now I’ve got meetings back to back from 1 to 5. That’s Friday afternoon ffs!

sorry to hear that, thoughts are with you x


Let the tiny idiot cat out because she was squawking so much but she hasn’t come back yet.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Hope R’s dads’ visit doesn’t put you in too bad of a mood. Remember you have Low later x


Today is my Saturday. I’m having a bath.

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Good morning.

Had the windows open last night and the wind got up, so I was awoken at 04:47 by the sound of the door rattling ever so slightly in its frame. Fixed that and then got woken up again an hour later by a bastard crow croaking right outside the open skylight.

One more day of work then I’m off for four days. Cannot wait.

Morning all, up since 6 so about to make my third tea if the morning.

Got load of stuff to do this morning then zoomyzoom meetings this afternoon with kids doing a zoom piano concert early evening…

Bit grey isn’t it??

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Oh no, it is my dad today! The stress of leaving the house and my mum, despite not having to see my dad at all, will definitely be in a mood over it too.

R’s dad is visiting tomorrow :grimacing:

Somehow had forgotten this! Best part of the week. Going to be devastated whenever they stop doing it.