Friday isn't it?

Alright? About to head off for another day of selling beer and staring at numbers trying to cost new products. But then it’s home for beers and the weekend and that, so that’ll be nice.


Off to give blood in a little bit. Today is also payday which means I have double justification for a nice treat lunch while I’m out.

Weather is a bit soggy this morning so might end up getting the buzz to town rather than trekking through the rain to the train station. Not been on a bus for about 2 and a half years, so that could be exciting.

Hoping the shop will have finished fixing my bike so I can pick it up on the way back.


Morning Funky, Foxy, all

I had my booster shot yesterday so I’ve made sure to have a fairly open schedule for today. Don’t think I feel off in any way but having a very slow start to the day just in case :innocent:

Wishing everyone a happy Friday, we can do this team x


Morning all, well it’s decided to try snowing here which is odd. Heavy rain then a little snow.
Regardless of that, day off… so starting the day with filter coffee and Makaya McCraven. So for the next half hour I am pretending to be sophisticated.

Without going into too much detail that might get me found…

I’ve just seen the local paper have been doing vox pops about a project I’m on, where they’ve completely misinformed people about it, then printed the angry reactions. I wouldn’t mind but the details that show they’re wrong are in the public domain, and not hard to find.

They’ve got a couple of good journalists but this is just lazy shit stirring for clicks.

Had to swap from my normal glasses to my sunglasses while driving just then, which means a few seconds of not be able to see, that’s always fun!

Working whilst watching Winter Olympics.

Someone senior to me has been bullshitting about something so I went behind their back to the legal department which confirmed I was right and now I have to challenge them on it. They will not take it well :grimacing:

Sacked off going into the office

Started some I’d been putting off since October :grimacing: yesterday and had a brief ‘this isnt so bad spell’ but now back in the ‘this is too hard and I CBA I’ll do it another day’

Coffee and bagel soon

Morning all.

I had a rare early start to come in and look after some exams. And I was up late last night as it was Mrs Horses birthday and we went to the theatre. A few short years ago would be fine with this but I’m absolutely knackered now. Feeling proper old lately. Not even 40 yet. Rubbish.

Gonna sneak off and buy a coffee soon. Otherwise I’ll have to deal with all the students putting in extenuating circumstances forms because the old man’s snoring ruined their concentration.

Hope you’re all well


I’ve got a nice quiet day today. Not much work on, and getting back the prints that went off to be framed this morning too. No idea where they’re going to go on the walls.

I need to buy some light bulbs at lunchtime. We’ve got some dimmable Habitat lamps which took about three different bulbs before we found the right ones initially. Hopefully we won’t have the same fun and games with the replacements.

It is quite a lot colder than I thought it was. Wish I’d put gloves on.



Spending my morning having a fun little disagreement with a teenager via the medium of tiktok comments.

They’ve just done their work experience at pets at hone and are trying to “expose” them for having loads of fish die. Ive tried to politely explain that I worked in a much better pet shop for a number of years and we had a state of the art tank system but fish… fish, especially your minnows etc are just gonna die. Every morning after I’d fed the hamsters and the guinea pigs, I’d have to grab a net and get the dead fish out of the tanks before carrying on my day.

I love a bit of pets at home slander cause they’re shit and sell some of the worst foods available and the staff earn commission for doing so, but don’t come at them for dead fish.

Fish are weak and pathetic and they will die easily. Fish, huskies, most reptiles and certain types of small fluffy animals- don’t keep them as pets! They’re bad pets! For a start they absolutely hate you and also you’re not gonna get their environment right so they’ll be miserable.

Fucking fish. I hate them.


Really don’t get keeping fish. It’s a decoration, isn’t it, not a pet.


OH MY WORD, I am sluggish today. Slimey and slow, that’s right.

Looking forward to that first cup of coffee! That’ll help.

Got an eye test tomorrow and then going to some arcades to meet a friend. Other than that I’m looking forward to doing some arty things.

Spoilering because this feels very first world problems but… I’ve been enquiring about a set of ercol chairs which are mad expensive. Im thinking they’re just far far too expensive and I need to be sensible. But argh, I’m worried I will never find a set of them again :confused: anyway…

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Thank you!!!
Yeah, that’s exactly it!
If you’re going to put hundreds or thousands of pounds and so many hours into huge tanks and like… landscaping them, amazing. I love that for you. When it’s done well it’s done well and it’s mind blowing.

Bit most people just want a “nemo” and it’s v cruel

We own one Ercol chair. Jimbo used to have swimming lessons in the pool of a private school in a nice nearby village, and one day there was one in a skip in the car park! So my other half made sure no one was looking and snuck it into the car while all the kids were swimming


I got woken up by a neighbour playing guitar and singing Old McDonald had a Farm and then workers started digging up the road directly outside my house. The digging is very noisy and I have lots of work to do.

It’s fucking snowing

No it’s not it’s really sunny.

I think you’ll both find that it’s actually raining

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