Friday, it’s Friday, gotta get down on June the 4th

Good job it wasn’t at Spaghetti junction, etc

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When tomato hits the road like a big pizza pie
That’s a puree

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1 carriageway flooded with tomato puree = 1 respect

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Thanks for reminding me I’ve got to do 35 junctions of that fucking road.


Morning all. It’s Friday, hurrah! This was a good start to the day:

Probly just £25 (can’t check til I get home) but hurrah! nevertheless


Had to walk an hour to the baths as the bike trailer for M totally broke yesterday and I’ve no money to fix it. Typically its the one day I have to be home for a meeting straight after swimming so I’m hoping I have enough cash for a taxi home as I’m meant to be working from 9 really and yet here I am, not in work :grimacing:

Had a nice call with the TV last night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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will you be meeting the top bries?

Oh jesus it’s 10 years today since I discovered the online Countdown website and totally changed the course of the rest of my life.

I found it while trying to find a picture of a guy who won the latest series, who was hot, to show my friend on another music forum how hot he was. Found the site, signed up, logged in and he was TALKING IN THE CHAT AND I WAS MORTIFIED, I NEVER THOUGHT HE WOULD PLAY ON THERE!! (I later dated him when he was less hot and he ruined my life :sparkling_heart: )

Have you been on it since they completed the upgrades? It’s much better now, in the way that a slap to the face is better than a kick to the bollocks.

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I’m not going to dignify this with a sarcastic response

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Had therapy before work today and whoo boy, what a bad idea that was. There’s an emergency this morning and I simply cannot muster the energy to care.

Hope you’re okay and the day isn’t too bad for you.


why is it raining

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i don’t care for it


Washed and blow dried my hair this morning so it’s a good hair day :+1:

WFH today, then pub for tea and drinks tonight with Mr s_w and the weather is delightful here so shaping up to be a good Friday.

I’ve started to get a bit addicted to this Who Wants to be a Millionaire game. Not giving them any cash money obviously, but can’t put the thing down.

When I was playing it yesterday an ad came up for a game called Homescapes, where one of the character storylines was a woman whose husband had had an affair and booted her out, then got custody of the kids, and the aim of the game is to find a house and do it up so you can get the kids back. There’s examples of the character using the wrong tool for DIY jobs and sobbing on the floor.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. How does that sort of thing get cleared?

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I currently have a wager with Wor Lass to see who suggests going home first.

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bought some new jeans last weekend and the crotch has ripped already ffs

i’m getting a haircut today

Going to my mum’s today which means CATS (and family)