FRIDAY (Jr) Thread

Morning DiS. Quickity coffee(ity) at work so thought I’d start the daily thread. Have a good one.


Half day at work. Sun meant to be out so after work… it’s the big tesco shop time. Uhm.


Morning all!

In theory I’m watching some presentations about sitcoms this morning but I will probably be listening to some excuses about why presentations aren’t ready yet.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


‘See what happened was the dog jumped up and managed to right click + delete file, then jumped up moments later and manged to delete everything from the deleted items folder’

Been for a nice walk, picked some wild garlic.

Now to sit here for 8 or 9 hours


I have plans with friends tomorrow so of course I have 3 (three) spots coming up on my face.

Also, every pair of tights I’ve worn over the last week has turned out to have a hole in them by the time I’ve got to work. Just did a check, no ladder, no hole.

  • Holey by the end of the day
  • Holey by the time you get to work
  • They will stay in good condition all day

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Is this an excuse for not doing the presentation?

Oh and i saw a rabbit

Seems fair enough to me ‘its been sunny, why would i do a presentation on sitcoms when i could be outside?’


Now got ‘no ladder no hole’ going round and round in my head to the tune of TS’s no body no crime :expressionless:


Ran out of milk so had to have eggs on toast for breakfast. Gotta be a good day now


Why am i awake when my alarm doesn’t go off for another 40 mins?


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On my fourth hour of support calls in the past fortnight with HP over our printer. Losing my mind.

Got meetings from nine until one, then two until five. Don’t think I actually need to contribute to any of them, so I’m

Have you tried filling the paper tray with rice?


My Friday morning class aren’t even that fussed. It’ll be closer to, “See, we had loads of other work for Fred and Joss and I’ve been doing that.”

I remember one of my school friends complaining about running out of orange juice one Xmas morning and having to just drink champagne instead. I laughed at her for being posh.

That’s you that is.


That’s your answer for everything.