friday le banal

2.5hrs til hometime

trying to resist urge to snack, already ate a lot o’ crap today. just made a cup of earl grey. wbu?

plans for evening? as i already said 12 times: pizza, beer, hobbits, bed




there were no aeropress filters so I fashioned one out of a teabag. again.
going for wanker beers with some work people and everyone has dropped out except my boss. err… drunk supervision it is?

bought a tie today

oh, i would quite like to watch the soccer match! but might have to settle for just the second half.


Think I’m going to leave at 4. Even Skype is dead.

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going at 4

fuck it

no snacks

no hope

just give me something for the pain etc


I’m oot

Got a fucking monster alteryx headache and my dad’s up tonight. Ceeeeebs

I have completely checked out here. Getting pizza later I think, but unfortunately will have to watch the football :lying_face:

Sorry about saying that stuff about cooking and grinding up your bones and skin to make a new crisps flavour as a punishment for the way you conduct yourself on the community when you have a headache x


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Saw this the other day and thought of you



  • maybe one pint after work if folk are going
  • home, finish holiday packing
  • pizza, beer, watch the footeh
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What form are the hobbits taking Eric

Sorry, Dr Sheriff.

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That was meant to read ‘alteryx headache’. I’m in no physical pain. Save your tears for someone who cares. Pal.

almost falling asleep on the sofa. so dreadfully bored. either that or I was really enjoying the new Purple Pilgrims album. letting Laura Jane Grace and a recently gnome made coffee wake me back up.

meant to be making pizza dough for Monday, but don’t have any type 00 flour in this gaff and I was almost asleep jsut now. might just throw a load of things intot he food mixer thing and hope for the best imo

What is “alteryx headache”?

Staging an argument in the community for fun and excitement

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