friday le banal

the visual artform of film which also contains other artforms such as music

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What you get after listening to

for too long?

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Yes but the good artform or the garbage artform

this another pokemon?

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Wow! Impressive!

Think I might leave now actually

What’s sfpp?

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I’ll tell you what they’re really “”“taking”“” jagpi

1 hour 22 minutes

my weekend plans are fukked: was meant to go to a fort in the middle of the solent (please don’t ask) but the weather has fucked it

back to sitting around fretting about my bigbikeride then, i guess

Standard friday pizza protocol

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nothing much mate, what’s sfpp with you?



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Of course. How foolish of me.

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Have a baby asleep in my lap who hasn’t slept all day before so I’m not allowed to move. Gone past the 2.5 hour mark. My legs ache and I need a piss.

this is gonna be stuck in my head all weekend you prick

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Piss yourself and blame the baby

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I somehow smashed a glass pot of £28 blusher in my bag. Only bought it last week :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Not the worst plan…