Friday let's be having you


Going to Paris!! Train in a few hours.

Just had some alpen. Woke up with a chronically scratchy right eye though which isn’t great. Been putting a warm compress on it sporadically which has helped but its still not right. Wahhh.

What’s in store for you?


Fucking worse thing, yeah. Can you stop off and get yourself some eye drops/optrex type stuff?

Anyway, enjoy Paris!!

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Oooh, living that Eurostar life is it? Nice.

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Getting ready to join the picket line today, pretty daunting but hoping we stay strong as a union :blush:


Morning! Off to Hay-on-Wye today. Gonna stop at an English Heritage place in the way (Witley Court apparently). Looking sunny! :sunny:


Having a filling at 9:00

Once that’s out of the way, do a bare minimum of work then I’m off for a week.

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Best of luck with it! Incredible stuff!

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Paris, fillings, Hay-on-Wye, strikes. It’s all go in the DiS house today isn’t it? Hope it all goes well slash painlessly slash well slash full of solidarity.

Friday, got to work, got to speak to two estate agents, get the house ready for my parents coming to stay, and do something with a piece of guanciale i bought the other day (cured pork cheek).

This week has been shite, slept terribly due to a bad back (getting old can go fuck itself), a seemingly incontinent dog, and work being a buzzing ball of frustration. Let’s hope Friday bucks that trend!

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Morning - its Friday! :partying_face:

I’m off work, m is getting picked up at 10, mad dash to my train for half past, then my day is: train pinas, crop circle book, then a weekend with my fave person for the first time in months :heart_eyes_cat:


yes come on, up the workers!


Train Pinas!!! Sounds like a wonderful time, enjoy :+1:

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Holiday has come to an abrupt end :disappointed: Loading the car up, tidying the caravan. Check out at 10, couple of hours on the beach then the slog home. Hoping the roads aren’t too bad, but it’s a Friday and they probably will be.


Morning! We’re on our way to Cornwall for a few days. We left just after five, and we’re almost in Rich-t country. Still a LOT more driving to go


Should be ok at this time I hope

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Up v early again for reasons today, but I’m making the most of it by trying to get as close to wrap-up as possible on this dissertation, while no-one is around to distract me.

One advantage of being up early is seeing the morning DiSers gradually trickle in, hello and good day to you all :sunrise:


Yeah, not too bad so far. It’s such a trek that the early start is worthwhile

Still sore from blue dot. Blimey

Morning all!

I’m awake with The Child, as appears to be my lot in life. She was upset because the tooth fairy had only left her money and not a receipt or colouring activity.

We’re going to watch Zombies 3 at some point later. I’m going to drink a load of coffee.



Mrs W’s birthday, so we’re off to a former quarry with a kayak, a paddle board and a massive Flamingo pedalo. Out for pizza later.

Real shame that the neighbours let their kids out to play in the garden at 5am, and that we’re knackered as a result, though.


Looks like you had a wonderful wholesome time x

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