Friday lunch club


Anything special lined up?

No prizes for guessing what i’m having.


Just had a load of sausage rolls. Bang average tbh. Fish and chips Tonight though so…


Cous cous with a bit of veg in it and some chicken tikka chunks.

Was gonna have something in the canteen - probably fish and chips - but Mrs Fox realised she had the cous cous in the fridge that she wasn’t going to eat so I got palmed off with it :frowning:


guacamole, hummus and tomato sangers.

Gonna be… soggy.


Jam doughnuts. :doughnut:


just had a homemade wrap featuring falafel, cous cous, avocado, tomatoes and spinich

I ate it along side some quinoa crisps from aldi which are nice.

I will now have a yogurt


The burger place in town is now doing smashed burger toasties

Kinda tempted


alright, jezza




fucking YES, stick this right in my face hole daddy :heart_eyes:


My favourite salad from m&s! It’s honestly so delicious. Some earl grey tea as well


3 pieces of hot garlic chicken and a baguette from sainsburys.

stick that up your dojo.


Spinach, ricotta and pine nuts quiche with two sides: couscous and Greek salad.


I had nandos. Mushrooom and halloumi burger without the halloumi or mayo but of course they left the the halloumi and the mayo in and i had to send it back to get the halloumi and mayo removed


don’t you know that nandos don’t use free range halloumi?


That just a mushroom on a bap then?






i got a box of chicken and rib meat with rice and stuff from the streetfood market thing

it was pretty good - but could have been hotter