Friday Lunch ft 🐟 n 🍟


Could be (one of) the last guys, savour it


Oooo. You know, my favourite fish and chip shop closed the other day :sob:

I had some sundried tomato and rosemary foccacia with bacon and avocado!


That sounds lovely. I have fish n chip regret already :cry:


Aw noo, never regret fish and chips!! :slight_smile:


I had kippers and spicy rice with a side of brocolli and cashew nuts yesterday, which is basically fish and chips for twats




Octopus dumplings I think. Unless I’m swayed by the pizza truck at Platform.


Noooo get the dumplings


Ate chicken kiev and potato croquets at 11:45am.


Chilli sin carne with a side of the saltiest tortilla chips ever created.


Boss has taken me out for a burrito and everything


Bloody hell, they’ve finally come good (let’s not) on your fish n’ chips laelfs! Perfect ratios.


Good ratios, batter a bit doughy in places


Aren’t we all :disappointed:


Haha. My face is so doughy today. Got pufferfish eyes too :blowfish:


Ha! I’m in a big kimono sleeved t-shirt so feel quite billowy.


That’s a good portion of tartare you have there.

Cheese, ham and cucumber sandwich for me. Might have to see if there’s anything good in the chocolate machine downstairs in a bit.


Just cooking up some sausages


When I get the chance to add my own sauce I always take waaay to much to compensate for their normal stinginess. Only touched a quarter of that.


Did myself a few nachos with a quesadilla. Got a couple of Aldi’s β€˜BiΓ¨re SupΓ©rieure’ for watch the football with.