Friday Lunch (is early)

Leftover cauli curry from yesterday with added sirracha.

I know it’s too early but I’ve been snacking hard since about 10.30.

Time has no meaning.

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Gonna make some 10 minute spag bol

It’s gonna be mackerel with a boiled egg (obvs) and tomatoey rice. Mackerel mixed into the rice (obvs)

Spinach and feta pie.

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I had a cheese and coleslaw seeded ciabatta and a packet of quavers


tuna wrap
red leicester mini cheddars
7 cherry tomatoes
an apricot
a cup of tea

1x beef and wholegrain mustard sandwich
1x pasty
1x salt & vinegar crisps
1x cocoa mousse ritter sport
1x lemon san pello



Mackerel is one of the non-plant things I miss eating the most. Could happily never eat a bacon buttie again but a little greasy tin of mackerel would be a delight.

orzo with stuff

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What pizza please?

just finished when i spotted this thread

it was chicken + rice

That sounds mighty fine!

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Greek quesadillas (spinach, spring onion, feta) with tzatziki, and leftover couscous and asparagus salad.

Would have been better if I’d got the right tortillas and not the corn ones which didn’t hold up to the melting of the feta the way ordinary wraps do (the violife greek cheese basically turns to cream when heated).

Pitta with Doux de Montagne, spinach, homemade pickles and sriracha mayo

Now an apple and then maybe … more?


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what were the three cheeses?