Friday Lunch - let's be having you

Might go bahn mi, might see if i can find a burrito. Craving pizza but will save that for tea i think.

Treatin yoself, hun?

:burrito: BURRITO :burrito:

Probably Chilangos as it’s closest and the weather is an absolute disgrace.

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lunch at work was like a posh fish finger bap with wedges, was nice
will now have a yogurt.

cake at ~3pm :ok_hand:

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Gonna go chippy!

Just had a narna and a peperami. Got funeral sandwiches and sausage rolls later.

Think it’ll be freebird for me. Not my fave but slim pickings in shoreditch unless i sit in at the diner.


I have not been to Freebird. Where are we ranking it on the burrito scale?

it’s too wet to go outside and get nice lunch

got fish, chips and mushy peas from the canteen. seems ok

I’ve got a small amount of fresh(ish) tagliatelle leftover. probably going to have that with whatever I can whip up (i.e. some cheese)

i think they started on berwick street market and they have amazing salsas but the burritos are kind of small and they put too much cheese and sour cream in so it ends up a bit bland.

i would rate it below luardos, chilango and daddy donkey, but above all the other high street schmucks

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oh ffs it’s pissing down!

Chilli sin carne. Was good.

The dessert choices all had milk in, though, so I had to have fruit. Fruit! On a Friday! Ffs

Bhel Poori (extra spicy)

Fish & chips and mush peas. £4 in the work canteen. (They call it a restaurant but if it’s in a workplace it’s a canteen.) Not too bad as it goes, pretty much the same quality as a fish & chip shp.

Salad from home
Pathetically small bag of Kettle Chips

Regretting not picking up something extra when I popped in to town. Might need to cake it up this avo.

looking up pizzas for tea tonight right and this place only has 12 or 18 inch. the one i’m looking at is 9.50 for a 12" or £17 for an 18’. is it just me or is that a bit of a steep increase?

You’re paying 1.8 times as much for 2.25 times as much pizza, you fucking ingrate.

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yeah but

No buts, you just got schooled by arithmetic, son.

mic drop