Friday lunch thread


Didn’t have any bread to make a sandwich so now I have to buy lunch oh no boo hoo so WHAT AM I GOING TO GET?

  • falafel wrap
  • veggie burger w/ peanut butter and chili on it (‘Malaysian’, apparently)
  • some type of depressing meal deal
  • something else you’d like to recommend

and what are YOU doing for lunch? Lunch chat here.


Chip Butty
Potato Scallop
Can of D&B





Cheese and ham toasted sandwich, a berry, kale, spinach, chia seed smoothie and three chocolate cookies (whoops).


forgot to bring in my lunch (again) so the world is my lobster

cafe near my work does a decent stew for £3 with some nice bread. had it yesterday but it’s still the front runner. kinda want a burrito but they feel like such a rip off.


Trying to decide whether to get some lunch out (most probably Itsu or the falafel van) or make a cheesey omelette. I’d make a fish finger buttie if we had bread but alas


Had a makeshift burrito from some failed bolognese and wraps. Pretty successful sum considering the parts.


Going to the pub for a colleague’s leaving lunch. Going to have the greasiest thing on the menu to soak up the rest of the hangover.


had beans and veggie sausages on a bagel


leftover bolognese sandwich is an absolute classic


Baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn
Cheeky bit of mushy peas on the side
Three (3) pickled onions


Chicken burger with cheese, fancy tomato sauce, onion rings, macaroni cheese(!) and a token bit of lettuce.



3 cheese toastie with a side of rocket and red onion


I got some gyoza from Itsu and a salad from Pod


Ended up going to a sort of upmarket greasy spoon and getting a large veggie breakfast. Probably a mistake as it was £7 and I had all of the ingredients a 10 minute walk away at home (excl. hash browns I guess and they were pretty good). Hmm.


It barely counted as a bolognese to be honest - the tomatoes were a bit bitter so thought I’d add some honey like I’ve seen Tom Kerridge and Gordo Ramsey on the telly. Only there was no honey left so I used golden syrup and I used more than the tiny bit they tell you to. Had to stir in some chilli flakes to counteract the sweetness.


sorry for neglecting this thread but I have only just seen it. I had left over burrito from last night but I forgot to bring grated cheese to work because I’m a bell