Friday lunch thread

Burrito for me, Clive.

Beanz on.

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… toast?

Tuna sandwich :wave:

I’m going to get my hair cutted in my lunch hour so it’ll probably be a misery meal deal at my desk at half 2 or something equally shite

Cheese and grated carrot sandwich on homemade wholemeal

Yes please!

Going for lunch here:

Probably have the burger???

Leftover pasta, mini cheddars, toffee crisp. Not had a burrito in over a week!! Think we’re having them for tea tonight though.

Just remembered I’ve got leftover cuzza for dinner, and I left myself half the Aloo Gobi cause I’m such a lovely bloke.

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dunno but fucking starving

which one??

Hoisin chicken (chicken breast in weird sauce), beans, mushy peas.

Bit of a weird one, but it’s going to make tonight’s :pizza: all the more delicious.

The Ultimate Kitty Hawk burger

tempted by a flatbread as well

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Just chomping into a fishfinger sandwich (ciabatta, fishfingers, crispy halloumi, tartare sauce) :ok_hand:

Heading to the deli for a sarnie shortly - thinking of getting a turkey, rocket & cranberry sauce one on wholemeal bread

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu why have I never put halloumi in my fish finger wraps???

Roast potatoes. Nothing else, just roast potatoes with garlic, salt and herbs.

Because you’ve never been to the cultural melting pot that is Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre?

UPDATE: burrito v. good, decent level of spice and like the free guac with veggie option (places that don’t do this are worse than Hitler). Have successfully covered an important document in Burrito Oil™ too, which is a bonus.

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