Friday lunch thread

Anyone have F&C today?

I had a bacon sandwich (white toast, red sauce) and a small piece of chocolate cake. Washed down with some mango and passion fruit sugar free fizz.

What you eating?

1 x cheese and coleslaw sammich :sandwich:
1 x chilli heatwave doritos :potato:
1 x satsuma :tangerine:
1 x reese’s nut bar :chocolate_bar:

Cheese & Ham sandwich
Chipolte crisps
Anger at the fact that I’m having to chomp it down while on mute on a conference call

f&c for dinner tonight though

Spinach, feta & pine nuts quiche with a side of potato salad and a side of Greek salad.

And a FREE bottle of blackcurrant Ribena.

Gonna go get a greggs.

Get a fudge doughnut or never show your face here again

Obviously. I’m not a total prick.


Burrito from the van near work. Have had better burritos but it’s still good and usually about the size of a civil war cannon.

What is it about burritos being absolutely massive? If you hold one up against your stomach it’s a wonder it actually fits in.

2 x summer rolls
1 x lentil curls
1 x cold brew coffee

I know what I’m about, son.


someone please get me some form of cake / muffin / doughnut thanks

Well done. Now I want one :cry:

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I can tell how much I want one bc I checked my browser and there was a tab I’d forgotten about where I’d simply googled “fudge doughnut”


Also known as caramel custard doughnuts in the English branches.

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So much regret when you have that much sugar!

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I got a modestly sized brownie from a coffee shop but it didn’t 100% satisfy the huge consumerist craving for some form of dessert treat