Friday lunch thread


Whatcha got, whatcha having?

I was starving so I ate mine already, some kind of leftover salad with cauliflower and lentils, topped up with tomato, cucumber and lettuce.

got some prunes and an apple to snack on later, might eat the rest of the tomato.




I miss the chipper that used to be near my office, used to go there on Fridays but it closed. :frowning: will probably just get a sandwich or something


yeh but what kind? details plz


Might do scrambled egg.


Pizza, three of us in the office ordered it and they’ve got a 3 for 2 option going, which means we are all getting pizza for FOUR POUNDS EACH.

…it’s 20 minutes late already though


Gonna hit up this Lebanese place nearby and get a wrap.

Not sure whether to go for some lamb thing or see what their falafel is like :thinking:


Got a wrap from the work deli. BBQ chicken with BBQ sauce, onion chutney, carrot, red onion, peppers, cheese and toasted. Pretty solid though way too full now

  • Lamb
  • Falafel

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Veggies need not apply


Yeh but what kind???


about to poach a couple of eggs and mush up a cado


Ham and mustard sarnies at the in laws before dashing off to this wedding


Pepperoni with a GARLIC CRUST!!!


They weren’t joking about the garlic crust




Toast with Tina

Not correcting this.


2 rounds of cheese and marmite on seeded.


What toppings did you both choose?




I am going to eat a chicken escalope sandwich